Sunday, January 31, 2016

My OMG Is ready to share...

and I love it!!!
 Mr QnQ has a small Coke collection...and yes, he loves it too.
Here is the before picture.
It was a sad sight, but after some TLC's a vintage stool made new...we love the new look!!
I hand quilted the coke fabric...
it was so marking, just stitched around the squares.
Originally I thought I would use black and white gingham vinyl,
but I went with plan B.
I have another chair I want to refresh...
hopefully I will have another finish soon with the
the black and white gingham.

Happy stitching

Friday, January 8, 2016

My January Goal for ONE MONTHLY GOAL linky party...

Heidi at Red Letter Quilts has started a new linky party to share our 2016 monthly goals.  I found by setting monthly goals with Melissa and Shanna I was able to finish a lot of my UFO's and even new projects.  The party is called OMG or One Monthly Goal.

My January goal is going to be a project different from anything I've done before.

I have a old stool that was in my Mom's kitchen for many many years.  She down sized about five years ago and I brought the stool home with me.    It had black rubber glued to one of the steps when we brought it back to Michigan.  The other step was covered in dried looked pretty sad!!  

In August DH removed the black rubber and the glue on the steps.  He cleaned the chrome and painted the steps white.  It looked great except for the seat. Since then it has been waiting for me to recover the seat.  Originally I was going to quilt some novelty Coke themed fabric. Then I found some black gingham vinyl that came home with me from the fabric store...months ago.  I loved it with the newly painted steps.  I'm still not sure if I will go with the Coke seat or the black gingham seat or...why it has taken me so long to finish recovering it.  I guess I really do need to put my goals in writing.  It's not a big goal but it is my January 2016 goal for the OMG linky party.   

I'm linking up with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.  

Thank you Heidi for encouraging us to finish our UFO's.
Happy Stitching

Thursday, January 7, 2016

ALYoF 2015 Finale Link Up

ALYoF has been fun and so rewarding...
my first goal was for the October 2013 goal setting party.
I participated each month since then and was able to
achieve all the goals I set...
many of the goals were UFO's, some very old UFO's...
and some months I was working to the bitter end...but I did it!!

I know I would never have finished all my goals without
the linky parties hosted by Melissa and Shanna.
I'm so happy to have completed all 27 goals...I will miss this challenge.

I am facing a challenge of a different kind...
we are moving back to Canada in the spring.
I may be MIA even more so than I was in 2015.
Once the big move is over and we are settled I will be 
sewing more and hopefully blogging more.

January goal....finish
February goal...finish
March goal...finish
April goal...finish
May goal...finish
June goal...finish
July goal...finish
August goal...finish
September goal...finish
October goal...finish
November goal...finish
December goal...finish

Thank you Melissa and Shanna for all your work to organize ALYoF all the incredible sponsors

...and to my DH for the collage of all my finishes.

I'm linking to the 2015 Finale Link Party

Happy Stitching

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ornament exchange...

Thank you Mdm Samm for organizing
the 2015 Christmas ornament exchange.
It never fails, like all the linky party's I join, I'm always soooo late. 

My partner was Christel who blogs at A Far Place.
Christel designs amazing miniature sculptures...
fairies, mermaids and so much more.
Her detail and talent is outstanding..
after viewing her blog I fell in love with all her sculptures
especially her Wizard of Oz characters.
Her WIP Southern Bell is so beautiful.

I hadn't met Christel before and after we exchanged emails
I'm sure she knew I loved all snowmen/snow ladies.

She found a sweet snowman
and made some super sweet gingerbread ornaments.
They smell so yummy!!
 and some frosty gingerbread snowmen heads

Thank you Christel.


I found a few ornaments I thought Christel would like...
she told me she liked earth tones and that was my start 
and after viewing her blog I was on a mission.
I love this sweet angel it was my first find
then the hand painted Santa ornament.
The last find was a wine bag...
not your normal wine bag.

I'm linking to the party at Mdm Samm's
before I am too late...down to minutes before the party ends.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016!!