Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm feeling a little vintage today....

....as old as these fine kitchen pieces from the past
and some days I feel even older.
A triple sifter, the same as Mme Samm's...only hers has yellow handles.
Mme Samm blogged about hers  HERE. 
The tea pot was my MIL's and it sure does make a good pot of tea!!
...and don't you just luv the aqua egg beater.

Treasures from years ago

I've been told I am vitamin D deficient...
...does that account for the January blues I'm having?
The Dr wants me to take a vitamin D supplement, 2000 units
......which I am taking now.
I'm feeling a few aches and pains lately.
I have pains in the ball of my foot.  
...it is slightly swollen
with sharp burning pains radiating into the middle toes
....but not all the time.
The x-ray shows no broken bones, now the Dr wants me to see 
an Orthopedic Dr, ice it 3 times a day, take Ibuprofen,
wear closed shoes all the time...UGH!!!
....and I'm a bare foot girl who luvs her flip flops.
I'm thinking it might be a pinched or inflamed nerve 
and I hope it goes away soon so I don't have to go to the Orthopedic Dr.
Have any of you every had similar foot pains?
Yes, you guessed it.....I'm not exercising much and
I've added just a few pounds and that doesn't make me happy!!
OK...that is enough of my whining!!

Hope everyone is having a great day.....

I'll be back tomorrow with my giveaway Ü .


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They are in the mail...

...and a surprise could be in your mailbox today.
Two different mailboxes, 
don't you just luv to surprise someone 
when they least expect it. 
Tea towels
The tea towels are stitched with the free Bird Brain Design pattern.

His and Her is printed on the pattern
but I decided no to the words, 
I just stitched the cute snowpeople!

Robin has lots of freebie patterns, 
even Valentine freebies, Spring freebies
plus lots of other goodies.

A little birdie told me
there is a new Easter/Spring table runner coming soon
and it is just the cutest.
Check out Robin's online shop....
be a follower of her blog, or
leave Robin a comment, she would luv to hear from you.

Good news from Birdbrain Designs
...now all USA orders over $25.00 ship free.

happy stitching and hugs

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogger is kinder today and .....a few finishes....

...it appears my blogging issues have disappeared since converting to 
Google Chrome.  I'm hoping it stays friendly.

A few Christmas finishes that I have not blogged about.
Some pillowcases for me.
New Christmas Pillow Cases......for me

They match my 'One Block Wonder' quilt that I made about 4 years ago.

Christmas One Block Wonder

...some pillowcases I finished after Christmas and
gifted to friends that luv to bowl..... 
and a pillowcase for a talented musician.

Gifted pillow cases

another finish....
...Quilters Cottage by Catherine Baynes
Catherine is an Australian designer.
Go for a visit to her blog
or her store at Willow Valley Store.
She has lots of cuteness you can't live without.

Quilters Cottage in an Orchard

Quilter Cottage by Catherine Baynes

I have the quilt framed under glass...
I used only 1 strand of Aurifil #12 embroidery floss color #2260.
It is a nice burgundy red.
I luv how it turned out but may remove the glass.

My next embroidery project is 
also a Catherine Baynes pattern.
It is very detailed. 
It is the clothes peg bag...luv, luv, luv it!!!!

Willow Valley patterns

It is traced and ready to start stitching but
....I must finish the Cinnamon and Cocoa table runner first...
...a pattern designed by Anne Sutton back around 2009. 
and has been a UFO for awhile.
It is still borderless but I'm going to work on it tomorrow. 

 my blogging friends....

hugs and happy stitching...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blogger aches and pains....

I am still having issues with Blogger and am wondering if anyone else is having problems
.....and this has been going on for about 3 weeks.
  I can leave comments on some blogs
but I have come across a number of blogs that I have been following for some time
and I cannot leave comments on them....I get a blank screen. 
 I also get a blank screen when I try to view the comments on my own blog. 
If anyone has any answers and can help please let me know.

Last night was FNSI and I was stitching. 
I was working on a table runner....
It is a older Bunny Hill Designs pattern called Cinnamon & Cocoa. 
 Yes it is a UFO and thought it would be a great Easter table runner.



I have the borders to do yet....
...a narrow inner red border and a white outer border. 
I may get them on later today after I do some laundry and cleaning!!!
 I'd rather be sewing but the cleaning just can't wait any longer.

I have not forgotten about my giveaway for my 500+ wonderful followers.....
...hoping I can find a solution to viewing my comments on my blog soon. 
 I do receive comments on my email
but it would be so much easier if I could pick a winner using my numbered comments. 

Please don't give up on me....I am in blogland