Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My wish to you this Christmas day....

 May all your wishes come true...


Friday, December 21, 2012

2 winners...and a great book to read

A week ago I posted my first recipe on Moda Bake Shop.
yes...I'm officially a Moda chef....

The message board winner 
from the Moda Bake Shop comments is Marlene.....Stitchin'ByTheLake
and from the comments at Quiltnqueen is Sandra...she doesn't have a blog.
I've sent them emails, waiting for their addresses.
I was thrilled to do a book review for Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt
Bringing in Finn by Sara Connell is an incredible book.
There are tears of sadness....tears of joy.
Hop on over to Sew We Quilt and read the review....
be sure to add it to your list of books to read in 2013.
Leave a comment...be a follower....someone will win a copy of this book.

I've had a little last minute sewing
 crayon bag
I've been sewing pj's for the Grandgirls dolls...no pictures, sorry
I have to finish them tonight before I call it a night.

hugs and happy stitching

Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 11 of Books for Women by Women

It is day 11 already and 
Linda Cohen is the guest author at Sew We Quilt.

Thank you to Linda, Mme Samm and to all the generous sponsors
for making this month so special.

...make someone's day a happy one
with a small act of kindness...
Thank you Karen...your special delivery warmed my heart.

Remember to leave a sweet comment
at Sew We Quilt, you could win today's book
...there may even be another giveaway
You just never know what Mme Samm is up to...Ü


Do you every feel you are like the hamster running on it's wheel
and getting nowhere.  That would be me!!
That is how I've been feeling the whole month of December.
I would have sworn
I had another weekend before I head to Canada for the holidays.
Where has this month gone???


A huge thank you to everyone who left me sweet comments
on my Holiday Lane posting.
Sorry I'm so late announcing the winner...
Carol was the lucky one.
She won the $25.00 gift certificate from Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop.
Carol was quick to go shopping and her package has been mailed.


Last week I hosted the Christmas get together
 for the Wednesday night quilting group.
It was a small group, we had lots of good food 
and a white elephant gift exchange.
I love my gift....thank you Ann...Ü

It was a fun time.
Sorry no other pictures...
I don't think Mama Spark took any pictures either, 
and that is so unlike her.

hugs and happy stitching

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm a Moda Bake Shop Chef and a giveaway

I am excited to share my
message board tutorial at Moda Bake Shop with you.

It has been months since I submitted my project, 
It was August 22 when I received an email saying they loved my idea.
I am so glad the day has finally arrived...
It was like being the new kid in school...a bit intimidating!!
If you have been following my blog you may remember
back in April I made my first message boards.
They were the coffee ones and I used
Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers.
#3997 Java Break
purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Back then I said I would do a tutorial...
then I had to keep it a secret
and I couldn't share it with you until now.

I've made some with chalk board cloth and I love them.
You can use regular chalk or a quilting chalk pencil.
I use Roxanne's quilting chalk pencil.  
They are 100% water soluble, no dyes or wax added.
They are available at Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop.


The redwork designs are from patterns by Bird Brain Designs 
#541 Fresh from the Garden
#478 Redwork Kitchen Towels

Some I've made without chalk cloth.
Below is a message printed on fabric and gifted to me
by my granddaughter when she was learning to print.
I made it into a mini quilt. 
...this one makes my heart sing...

It is a quote from the book

'I Love You All The Time'
by Jessica Elin Hirschman and Jennifer Elin Cole

The message reads...
"Even when
you can't 
see me 
I love you 
all the 

I've also made a few Halloween message boards...
The embroidery patterns are by
"Oh My Bloomin' Threads!" by Ronene Wilkinson
# A44 Eeek...
A17 Park Your Broom

The last message board I made was after the 
I wanted to make a Holiday Lane message board
using Jill Finley's pattern.  I ran out of time
but found the perfect fabric in my stash.
..I love this one!
I think this one is my DH's favorite too.

These are just a few of my ideas.
I hope you decide to make a message board
...make one like mine 
or make it unique...make it "your own".
Thanks for visiting, I hope you visit the Moda Bake Shop
and check out my tutorial.

Leave me a comment here and at Moda Bake Shop...
I have 2 Mama Said Sew message boards 
with hangers to giveaway.
I will draw 1 winner from comments on my blog
and 1 winner from comments left on the Moda Bake Shop blog.
Make sure I have an email address to contact you.
I will draw the winners December 20th.

The winners are Marlene and Sandra...congratulations!!

hugs and happy stitching

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 7...Books for Women by Women

Three more great books...


...at Sew We Quilt the month of December is all about books
for women written by women and giveaways.
There are great book reviews , so don't forget to
hop over to Sew We Quilt, grab a cuppa, 
read the review and leave a comment, 
you could be the next winner!!

Thanks to the fabulous sponsors, the authors,
the ladies who wrote a book review and to Mme Samm.
Without all of you...we would be looking for things to do
to keep busy for the whole month of December....

I'm still looking for more hours in my day...how about you???
hugs and happy stitching

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Books for Women...by women

Two more books have been reviewed over at Sew We Quilt.
Yesterday, Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You had
an excerpt from her book . 
You may want to add this book to your Christmas Wish list.

Day 4 's book  is Reality Bites Back by Jennifer L. Pozner.
Jane from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts 
shares her thoughts about this book
at Sew We Quilt.
Are you into TV Reality Shows???  Me not so much!
You may want to add it to your Christmas Wish list!!

Visit Sew We Quilt, leave a comment, be a follower
and you could be the next winner...thanks to the generous sponsors...
...every day there is a winner!!

I have picked the winner for my Holiday Lane blog hop...
I will announce the winner later this evening.
She has been notified by email....waiting to hear back from her.

hugs and happy stitching

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Book Reviews...Day 2

December is going to be a wonderful month at Sew We Quilt,
featuring books
written by women for women!!
Monday's book was Fast Girl by Ingrid Steffensen

Today's featured book is A Cluttered Life by Pesi Dinnerstein.

Linda, our hostess for the first blog hop in 2013, In Your Words 
read this book and shared her thoughts about the book in a book review.  
I believe we can all learn from this book, I know I can!!

Visit Sew We Quilt, where a different book will be featured every day...
There will be sponsor giveaways everyday!!

Thank you to Mdm Samm for all her hard work 
to all the sponsors, the authors
and the cheerleaders who will share their thoughts about the book they read.
December is sure to be a fun month.

Don't forget the...
giveaway ends tomorrow for a $25.00 gift certificate to 
Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop

Happy reading

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 8 Holiday Lane Blog Hop....

I can't believe this is the last day for the hop...
these past 8 days have just flown by.
There were lots of challenges and lots of last minute changes....
I tried my best...it has been fun and I've enjoyed being your hostess.
Thank you Mdm Samm for all your sweet and encouraging words.

I have family coming from Canada tomorrow afternoon.
Lots of fun things planned for the weekend.
I have still lots to do before they arrive
I will be visiting everyone...just might be a bit late.

I have a giveaway on my blog and will draw the winner on December 5.

****Another Schedule change****

Dachsies With Moxie is posted on That Other Blog
When I returned from my quilt meeting at 10:30 last night
I had emails from Agnes asking if I would post 
her write up and pictures on 'That Other Blog'
she was having computer issues.

Friday November 30
J Kafer on the Net
Busy as Can Be
Dachsies With Moxie - that other blog
28 Peppermint Grove
Marjorie's Busy Corner
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Linda - that other blog
Dora Quilts - not up yet
Shedding the Wolf 
Quilting, Sewing Granny
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Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt

Don't forget to visit Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt...to see the top picks of the day.
Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them out....there is sEw much inspiration!!!

...hugs and happy stitching

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 7 Holiday Lane Blog Hop...

WOW...what a parade of Holiday Lane creativity so far
and only 2 days left for the Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop
...where does the time go???

Great job ladies!!

****Changes to today's schedule****
Please remove Elaine, she is caring for her aging parents
Jeanne who blogs at The Learning Curve Quilts and Such.
She was taken to the hospital yesterday
...her sewing buddy Marilyn emailed me last evening. 
Please take the time to visit the talented ladies 
who are sharing their inspiration with us today.
Leave them a sweet comment and make their day Ü !!

Thursday November 29

Words and Stitches
Trying to Blog
Peanut's Patchwork
Moosestash Quilting
A Loose Thread
stitch, stitch, stitch
In Stitches and Seams
Hooked on Quilting
A Reformed Heath'n
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Geema's Wonderings

Don't forget to visit Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt...to see the top picks of the day.

Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them out....there is sEw much inspiration!!!

...hugs and happy stitching

Day 6 Holiday Lane Blog Hop...

I must thank Mme Samm for gently convincing Jill from Jillily Studio 
to let us use this pillow pattern for the blog hop and it has been perfect...

I have had so much fun making this Holiday Lane pillow.
I started with a solid black homespun for the night sky, stitched the house blocks
and then started planning the embellishments!!
I stitched french knots to make a gentle falling snow.
For the snow on the roof tops,
I felted some recycled winter white wool garments from the thrift shop
and hand buttonhole stitched around the drifting snow.
This is my first project working with wool...boy am I excited!!
Of course I had to have snowmen and I used more of the wool...luv the snowmen,
I embroidered their eyes and noses added the ear muffs and homespun scarves.
Is this not cuteness!
Then I added doors, windows and shutters
and raw edge appliqued around them with invisible thread.
I embroidered the window panes and
there were even a few birds that  flew in to sit on the sill.
2161 that's where I live at the moment but
time is ticking till we move back to Canada.

Then came the lamp post and the trees.


I added buttons and beads for the door handles
and even a heart shaped grapevine wreath on one of the doors.

I embroidered house number...32 on the red door
(sorry , DH should have taken a closeup)
When I move back to Canada
 I'm moving to her back yard...the warning is out!!

I embroidered the smoke from the chimney and hand quilted around the roof tops,
trees, windows, doors, and the snowmen.  
The back of the pillow has an open back to insert the pillow form.
I bound it like a quilt so I can take out the pillow form and use it as a table runner.
or...I can add a hanging sleeve and use it as a wall hanging.
I love this pattern...it is a free pattern at Jilliley Studio.
She has more free patterns...be a follower of Jill's and you won't miss any of them.
My plans were to have 2 projects finished....that didn't happen but I am
planning on making more Holiday Lanes...it may be 2013, just saying!
I'll post it when it is finished...I really do need these deadlines.

Visit the talented ladies who are sharing their inspiration with you today.
Leave them a sweet comment and make their day Ü !!

November 28
Quilt n Queen
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Don't forget to visit Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt...to see the top picks of the day.
Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them out....there is sEw much inspiration!!!

Now...if you have been with me from start to finish...you deserve a giveaway.
Just leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner on December 5th. 
You don't have to be a follower but I would luv it if you choose to be.
Make sure I have a way to contact you...I will need an email address.
Someone will win a $25.00 gift certificate to Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop.
Check out Cori's shop...you will find great prices, and the best customer service.
I know she would luv it if you signed up for her newsletter or followed her blog.

Ü Ü Ü 

...hugs and happy stitching

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's already Day 5 of the Holiday Lane Blog Hop...

There are sEw many wonderful Holiday Lane fun projects.
In 4 days there are 143 Pinterest pins...WOW!!!

Visit the talented ladies who are sharing their inspiration with you today.
Leave them a sweet comment and make their day!!

Tuesday November 27
Cindy's Crafty Creations
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Stop by and visit Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt 
...see the top picks of the day.
Check out Mme Samm's Pinterest board.  She has a board for each of the blog hops...
....there is sEw much inspiration!!!

Hugs and Happy Stitching...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 4 Holiday Lane blog hop....

I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the
Black Friday shopping.
I can't believe I haven't set foot in a store since Thursday, 
that's when DH and I went out for about an hour to get a few groceries.
DH went out on Friday and bought me a new computer...I stayed home.
We decided on a lap top but I'm using a plug-in mouse...
I'm easing into using a lap top.
There is so much to learn again...Windows 8... 
so far so good but I know I am testing his patience!!

Are you ready...
...let's get inspired by the talented ladies scheduled on Day 4...

Monday November 26
Nun's Quilt World

Your sweet comments will make their hearts sing.

Be sure to visit Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt 
to see the top picks of the day.
She has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them out....sew much inspiration!!!

Hugs and Happy Stitching...