Thursday, June 30, 2016

My June OMG goal is a finish...

I really didn't think I would get it finished....I pushed myself to the last day.
I put the first and last stitch on the binding while travelling to Canada today.

It is a 4 hour trip and it took just over 2 hours to finish it.
The picture shows the binding pinned in place and ready to stitch.
I was hoping to take another picture with the binding stitched down but....
forgot to bring the camera on this trip so no more pictures. 
It hasn't been washed and I will probably wait until I am ready to gift it.
I will not be taking the quilt back to Michigan...
it would just be another quilt to pack  
and there might not be enough room on the truck for another quilt.

This is our last trip to Canada before our big move.
Hopefully it will go as scheduled on July 12th.  
After our appointment at the bank today,
we went to check on how the house has progressed.

The hole is dug and the foundation is poured.
Never thought to take a picture with my phone when we were there today.
I think we will drive by tomorrow and get a picture.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

...and the winner is

I have sent her an email.

Sorry I'm so late announcing the winner...overwhelmed with our move.

Experiencing mixed emotions...
as I count down the days until we move,
originally scheduled to start July 11th
now packing will begin July 9th.
Talk about the days flying by...we just lost 2 days
and think I'm loosing IT.
The truck should be loaded
and we will be on the road heading to Canada by July 12th.
I'm praying everything goes as planned.
The truck will go to their warehouse, unload, and our goods will be in storage
until the end of September which is when our new home will be finished.
This will be move # 14 and my last move!!!!
This is the hardest move and it shouldn't be...we are going home!!
It is also a very expensive move especially with the storage.

As far as sewing goes, not much happening.
My OMG June goal is at the binding stage.

The cutting between the stitching didn't take as long as I thought.
It's been quite awhile since I made a chenille quilt.
I squared it up last night...very late.
I will stitch the binding as time permits and hopefully
I will complete my June OMG.

We are having a moving sale this weekend....priority #1.
My darling sister, BIL and niece are coming Friday night.
We owe them big time.
We are hoping to have the longarm machine taken apart
and ready to move.
Packing more boxes is also on the agenda.
The more we pack the less our packing will cost.
Am I having fun yet....HELL NO!!!!


Saturday, June 4, 2016

A finish...and another giveaway...

Lucky Bettina won the Tammy Bag Sewing Kit 
and she choose this red of my favorites...I love red and polka dots,
it seems Bettina does too.

Another Tammy Bag Sewing Kit giveaway 
on Saturday June 11
This will be the last one...probably till Christmas.

The winner can pick their favorite from 
I finished a second #3 bag in the car last weekend
when we were returning from Canada.
One side has a divided pocket 
and other side has the cutest embroidery design
by Anni Downs.
It is from her book called The Simple Life.

All comments left on my June 3rd posting and on this posting
will be entered in the giveaway. 
The winner will be HAS BEEN notified by email sometime on June 12th.
In your comment tell me which one is your favorite...#1, 2, or 3.
If you left me a comment before June 1st
your names are still in the bag from the first giveaway.

I'm linking with crazy mom quilts...Amanada Jean's Finish it Up Friday
if I hurry I can still make the party.

Good Luck everyone
Happy Stitching

Friday, June 3, 2016

My June goal for OMG and the winner

of the Tammy Bag Sewing Kit is Bettina.
I have sent her an email.

A big

to everyone for all your sweet comments and entering my giveaway.
Life has been pretty hectic and I would like to say it will slow down
but I'm thinking it is going to be busy right through October.

I will be drawing another winner next Saturday June 11th.
for another Tammy Bag sewing kit.
If you commented on my blog in May your name is still in the 'bag'.
Comment before June 11th and you get your name in again. 

May was a very busy month, 
we sold our house
and then spent the next three weekends 
looking for a house to call home.
We looked at a lot of resale homes and finally decided we would have one built.
Our house in Michigan closes July 15 and
we will be heading 'home' to Canada.
The house will not be finished until the end of  September.
We will be living in the small town of Wellesley...population 11,000.
It's a rural area about a 15 minute drive to Waterloo.
It will be wonderful to finally be close to family.
I'm excited and would like to fast forward to October.
Lots to do before then...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Our subdivision is having it's annual garage sale Friday and Saturday.
We will be participating for the first time...we have lots that we don't need or want...
...lots of sure is a lot of work!!
Trust me I would rather be sewing.

My time will be limited for sewing from now till we move.
but I am going to start stitching a chenille quilt with lacrosse fabric.
I'll be using orange, royal blue, lime green, and light blue flannel.
Novelty Cotton Fabric-Lacrosse
I'm still at the basting stage but hope to have the basting finished this weekend
and have the quilt stitched and bound by the end of June. 
This will be my June goal for OMG.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tammy Bag Sewing Kit giveaway and OMG finish

I've had a lot of time to stitch in the car this month as we travelled to
Canada house hunting.

I'm happy to say I finished my One Monthly Goal for May
and I was able to make another Tammy Bag Sewing Kit exactly the same.

It matches the tote I finished in April.
No, I didn't make another tote....just the sewing kit.
Some day I will make another one, the smaller size.

I will pick the winner June 1st from the comments left on my 
previous post and from comments posted on June 1 from this posting.

Pick your favorite #1, #2, #3 from my previous post or
if #4, the black and white one from this posting
is your new favorite.  It is my new favorite.  

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

May goal setting for OMG and a Giveaway

My goal for May is to finish a Tammy Bag Sewing Kit
using fabrics that match this tote.
I'll be using this embroidery design on the front of the Tammy bag.

The outside of Tammy bag will match the fabric on the bottom of the tote.
The thread catcher will be the pink polka dot fabric.
The outside of the needle keeper 
will be the black and white print on the bottom of the bag.
The inside will be the
white, black and the touch of pink fabric used for the body of the bag.
The wool will be either pink or white.
OK now for the giveaway....
It has been quite awhile since I've had one.

I have a few Tammy Bag sewing kits made.

The kit includes the Tammy Bag, 
the collapsible thread catcher
and a scalloped needle keeper.

#1 with a divided outside pockets on the front and back
#2 has a divided pocket on both the front and back
or #3 with a divided pocket on the back only

Leave me one comment telling me...

1. where you live now, 
2.  which Tammy Bag sewing kit is your favorite
 #1, 2 or 3.
3.  if you joined the May goal setting linky party with
 Heidi at Red Letter Quilts
...include your linky number for a second chance to win 
the Tammy Bag sewing kit. 

Each time I make a new Tammy Bag I seem to have a new favorite.
I'm pretty sure my new favorite will be the one I make 
for my OMG for May.

I will pick a winner at the end of May.

I'm joining the linky party with
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

OMG a UFO from 2013 is ready to share...

My One Monthly Goal for April was to finish
a tote I started almost 3 years ago.
I struggled with the written instructions and it took a bit
for my old brain to finally get it.
Finally it did and it all came together.
I am so happy to cross another UFO off my long list.
 The inside has a large zippered center pocket
a divided side pocket with a key fob
and a pleated pocket with 3 sections...
one section has a velcro flap.
 The top of the bag has a zipper closure...I like that.
Did I fight with this UFO? Yes!!
Will I make it again...Yes!!
I would love to make the mini version.
I am in need of a new hand bag and it would be perfect.
Hope it doesn't take as long to finish the mini.
I'll be making a Tammy sewing kit and maybe a few extra
pieces to complete my travelling sewing bag.

The front of the Tammy bag will have a
 sweet embroidered front.
It is a hand embroidery pattern from
a book by Anni Downs.
called The Simple Life.

Anni is an Australian designer and
 the owner of  Hatched and Patched.

Visit Anni's blog and be sure to check her free pattern section.

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Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts - Finish it up Friday

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A bit of sewing and lots of cleaning...

First the fun part...a bit of sewing.

I finished three more Tammy Bag Sewing kits...
I really can't pick a favorite....I love them all.
The Tammy Bag pattern is by Mdm Samm.
 The embroidery is from the Stitcher's Alphabet pattern 
designed by Michelle Ridgway.  
Her pattern company is Rag-Tag Stitchin'.
Live Laugh Love is a free Bird Brain Design pattern at Lecien
designed by Robin Kingsley
and another alphabet design by Michelle Ridgway 

Now... the not so fun time I'm having....
We've had our house up for sale since February 1st.
We've had 53 showings so far, with two more today, 
plus 2 open houses, both in February.
Everyone expected our house would be sold in a couple of days.
We did too as it is priced less than we paid for it 13 years ago,
and we have put at least $100,000 into it since then.

We had hoped to be moved back to Canada by April 26th...
which was when our green cards were expiring.

We had to go to plan B...
we renewed our green cards, 
and we changed the kitchen counters.

The before...
and after.  I never liked the purple either.
Our agent called on Tuesday.
There are 2 families interested in the house.  He said
we should expect an offer, maybe two, on Thursday...
no offer so far and it is Saturday.  
Our 90 day contract is over on April 30th, 7 days from today.
If we don't get a reasonable offer before that we will
take the house off the market...take some time off
plant some flowers, have a garage sale 
and relist again sometime before July 1.
I'm so frustrated...

After all, with our renewed green cards 
we could stay for another 10 years,,, 
but we both agree that it is time to return home Canada and spend more time with our families.
The good thing is that there is no real urgency to sell now.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Happy stitching

Thursday, April 7, 2016


My goal is to finish a UFO from July 2013.
I took a class to make this Professional Tote  
at QU 2013 in Ann Arbor Michigan.
It is a big tote....18" wide x 15" tall x 5" deep
designed by The Creative Thimble 
It was an all day class and I did finish the outside of the bag...
but haven't worked on it since the summer of 2013.

This tote has it all...great for a traveler.
There is a pleated pocket on each side of the tote to hold a bottle of water, umbrella, magazine and a phone.
The front has a zippered pocket to hold your ID and Passport for airport travel, 
another pocket to hold your boarding pass.  On the other side is 
a large pocket for a magazine or a newspaper and 
a strap to place over your rolling luggage to hold it in place.
There are several pockets inside for 
business cards, keys, pens, an iPad, even a laptop.

The tote is great for a quilter too...that's why I took the class.
There are lots of pockets inside 
to fill with patterns, books, fabrics and notions.

The pink dot fabric is to finish the inside.  
Some of the inside pockets will be black and white fabrics.
There are zippered pockets, pleated pockets and
pockets with flaps...even an optional key fob.
The tote has 4 zippers!!!  What was I thinking????

As of April 7, still looks like it did in July 2013.

I must have been feeling very ambitious in 2013 as I bought
both the Professional Tote pattern and the Mini Professional Tote pattern.
The Mini is 15" wide x 12" tall x 4" deep.

I'm looking forward to finishing it for my
April's One Monthly Goal project.
It will be my new tote to take to my quilting groups. 

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Have a fantastic Friday!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A new ironing board cover

Back in 2014 I recovered my portable ironing board
and made a few more projects for the
Riley Blake gingham blog hop.
My September 2014 posting is HERE.

I loved the mini ironing board make over back then and
since my regular size ironing board desperately needed a new cover
I decided to create a matching cover.
I quilted the gingham this time, hoping it will last longer.
I enlarged the embroider design and used a large red ric rac.

Now I don't want to use it,
my Rowenta has a mind of it's own and likes to leak from the bottom.
I'm looking for a new iron...any suggestions?

I love it!!!!!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A lovely visit with family and some stitching...

My niece recruited a new quilter...her MIL.
Beth Ann finished piecing her first quilt and
I was sEw happy to turn Lizzy on and quilt it for her.
A little birdie told me Beth Ann was thrilled with the quilting.
I quilted it with swirls and butterflies...
I wish I had a picture of the finished quilt to post but  
I was still stitching the binding on as 
my sister and niece were loading up the car to head home.
They were in Michigan for spring was a lovely 4 days!!!
As always the time went way too fast.
I didn't get the last side of the binding hand stitched down...
hopefully Beth Ann enjoys stitching the last of the binding down 
as much as I do.
It is my favorite part of making a quilt.
I'm still working on my One Monthly Goal for March.  
I still have a week to get it finished...
it will be a busy week but it is do-able!!

I started with some
Riley Blake large gingham fabric I quilted a few years ago
and I'll
this Aunt Martha's embroidery design...pattern # 3960 
and hopefully it will 

a new ironing board cover!!!
Fingers crossed it will work out.

Monday, March 7, 2016

What will be my One Month Goal for March?

Will it be a redo for my ironing board?
I'm thinking yes...

It is pretty disgusting at the moment, 
stained and it has a big rip, it has been well used
and definitely needs a makeover!!
I quilted a couple of yards of Riley Blake gingham.
It was large yellow gingham
for a blog hop I joined in September 2014.
You can read about it here.
It's bright and happy and lucky for me there is enough 
to make the perfect ironing board cover.
 The quilting has butterflies, clouds and sunshine...perfect
for my March goal...a new cover for my ironing board.

I'm linking at the last minute again
with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts

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Happy stitching