Saturday, April 23, 2016

A bit of sewing and lots of cleaning...

First the fun part...a bit of sewing.

I finished three more Tammy Bag Sewing kits...
I really can't pick a favorite....I love them all.
The Tammy Bag pattern is by Mdm Samm.
 The embroidery is from the Stitcher's Alphabet pattern 
designed by Michelle Ridgway.  
Her pattern company is Rag-Tag Stitchin'.
Live Laugh Love is a free Bird Brain Design pattern at Lecien
designed by Robin Kingsley
and another alphabet design by Michelle Ridgway 

Now... the not so fun time I'm having....
We've had our house up for sale since February 1st.
We've had 53 showings so far, with two more today, 
plus 2 open houses, both in February.
Everyone expected our house would be sold in a couple of days.
We did too as it is priced less than we paid for it 13 years ago,
and we have put at least $100,000 into it since then.

We had hoped to be moved back to Canada by April 26th...
which was when our green cards were expiring.

We had to go to plan B...
we renewed our green cards, 
and we changed the kitchen counters.

The before...
and after.  I never liked the purple either.
Our agent called on Tuesday.
There are 2 families interested in the house.  He said
we should expect an offer, maybe two, on Thursday...
no offer so far and it is Saturday.  
Our 90 day contract is over on April 30th, 7 days from today.
If we don't get a reasonable offer before that we will
take the house off the market...take some time off
plant some flowers, have a garage sale 
and relist again sometime before July 1.
I'm so frustrated...

After all, with our renewed green cards 
we could stay for another 10 years,,, 
but we both agree that it is time to return home Canada and spend more time with our families.
The good thing is that there is no real urgency to sell now.

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and to Stitchery Link Party #54 with Super Mom - No Cape

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Happy stitching

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