Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Projects I'm working on.....

......to keep me out of trouble. 
The ladies in the Canton Township Quilters group helped me out.
It is a small group of quilters that meet Wednesday evenings
....and for every completed pillow case they gave me...
I challenged myself to make another one.  They gave me 10 pillowcases so I made 10.
Tomorrow I will be sending 20 pillow cases to Carol
and she will deliver them to her friend Jami. 
....you can read about Carol and Jami's story here.

I'm also working on a Lynette Anderson quilt
....it's her Wonky Santa quilt
...the Santas are all fused and ready for applique...
I'm finding this to be a bit time consuming with the fussy stitching,
but I know it will be worth all the hours I put into making the quilt.
It will be awesome when it is finished.


stitching around the mustache is the worst!!


and making the little yoyo for the Santa hat is another UGH task!!
I'm not sure which of the buttons I like best....
I kinda like the button with only the X stitched.....
better than the one with the button hole stitch
around the outside of the wool button.
I could make a bigger X.
What do you think, what button would you choose?????

The pattern and the fabric were introduced at Spring Market.
 The fabric line is 'Scandinavian Christmas'.

CrazyQuiltGirl Fabric Shop has 20 of the 25 fabrics in stock now and
some of Lynette's patterns and buttons will be arriving in the shop soon!
If there are any of Lynette's patterns/buttons you would like just email Cori
and she will be glad to order them for you.

25% off all Moda Lily and Will II precuts and yardage 
by Bunny Hill Designs.
and enter promo code LILY88 at checkout.

Offer Expired: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

and we have not 1 but 2 winners.............

Diane H  on August 4th wrote

Thanks for a chance - love Meg's patterns. Trim the Tree would be great to stitch. I am a follower.

and also on August 4th Paul wrote

My wife LOVES snowmen so that "trim the Tree" pattern would be a big hit with her!

I used to follow NASCAR religiously... Then they introduced restrictor plates and I stopped watching. I went to Daryl Waltrip's house every Tuesday for 3 years for a bible study. During the racing season he would make it to about half of the studies, but in the off-season he was there almost every week. Darryl is on neat guy, then again, most of them were back in the day, now it's just too commercial.

And please thank Charles for me. I enjoy my freedom every day and those out there on the front lines of wars and battles make that possible and I like to say Thanks to every single one of them I meet.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Diane H and Paul please email me your snail mail address and I will get the 'Trim the Tree' pattern in the mail.  Thank you everyone for following my blog .....reading your comments make my heart sing!!

My computer is still sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk and I'm still not liking DH's laptop.......I'm not likely to be posting much.......they might be short and sweet but I promise I will be back soon......please don't leave me......I'm planning another giveaway on the 14th of September......a Halloween giveaway.....I will be checking emails.......... just not as often.

night all

Monday, August 15, 2011

........there is nothing worse.....

......than a computer crash!!!
.......Friday was a very sad day
it is still down and as soon as I can get all the names in the basket 
I will announce the winner maybe two

......just don't want to miss anyone....

thank you, everyone, for your patience.....

I'm not liking my DH's laptop.....not one little bit
...it is like working on a computer for the first time.....

I had my sister and 2 nieces visiting from Monday to Thursday noonish
and my son, DIL and 3 grandchildren and the dog arrived Friday.
On Saturday we went to the Children's museum in Ann Arbor
Sunday they drove to Chicago, spend the night and will be back later today.....
we dog sat and he didn't whine at all......good dog!!
They will be back later today 
and will likely head back to Canada sometime on Wednesday......
.....and then the B&B will be closed until I get rested......lol.......DH too!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

....a few thrift shop finds and a finish

It has been a few months since I visited the local thrift store......the 'Sally Ann'.

and lookie what I found for a whopping $5.00

Quilt Rack

and an old wooden clothes hamper in perfect condition for $6.50
what a steal!!

Clothes Hamper side

and now for my finishes...
......my Little Miss Shabby July and August BOMs

LMS block 7

LMS block 7 closeup

LMS block 8

LMS block 8 closeup

Remember to leave a comment on each of my postings from August 4 to August 14 for

a chance to win a Crabapple Hill pattern.....
.....details are found HERE......CLOSED..


Friday, August 5, 2011

Wantobe Quilters Campaign....

I know I am a little late in joining in the Wantobe Quilters Campaign.
Today is day 5 of 60 days....lots of time left to win
and as the sayings go..'better late than never'
and 'they save the best till last' !!!!

"Hello friends, family and followers, I would love to welcome you
to the Wantobe Quilters Campaign at Sew We Quilt@Stash Manicure .
They have quilting supplies to giveaway 5 x a week for 12 weeks. 
Supplies that make quilting fun, fun, fun and
before you know it..... you will be quilting like a pro!!
...From sewing machines to irons, to die cutters,
to mats, to rotary cutters, sewing baskets, scissors, batting, needles,
rolled sewing machine bags, patterns, books, magazines...
fabric, fabric and more fabric......everything
you could imagine to assist you in being a NEW Quilter. 
Even if you are already a quilter, you can win
quilting stuff too...Tuesday and Thursday are days for us..
All you have to do is email me 
your name, phone number and email address
...... sEw I can submit it to the organizer.
I will not share your info with anyone but the organizer.....
If you win......I can win something too. 
All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and a follower
over at Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure....
That is all! There are over 49 Sponsors involved.
I am pretty excited to be part of this, sew should you.
I love being a QUILTER! 


 Once you have registered with me
....by sending your info via email to www.quiltnqueen@att.net.
click on the orange button on my side bar and
leave a message at SewWeQuilt, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for non quilters 
and Tuesdays and Thursdays for us quilters.
If you do not have a blog make sure your 
comment includes you are registered with Quiltnqueen.
so come on........ register with me,
remember.......you can only register with one blogger
and just maybe we can win a great prize!!

Register with me and you will have a chance to win..........ta da
Trim the Tree

Yes.....I luv this pattern and bought 3 of them.....
one for me and two to give away!!

hugs and happy weekend!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

NASCAR weekend...........and a giveaway

......just been thinking about my busy summer........
One major event we have every June is a NASCAR weekend.
This year
on Thurs June 16 to Sunday June 19 we had 10 NASCAR fans for the weekend.
We have been sharing this weekend with family and friends for 6 years now
 in past years
......we have had as many as 13 and as few as 8 fans arrive for the weekend ....
...this year 6 fans arrived on Thursday evening....
and 4 more fans on Friday evening....
add DH and me and we have a houseful!!!!

Let the fun begin.....

Saturday and Sunday the guys are at the race track
and every year.... except this year..... there were ladies that have gone to check out
....what happens at the track stays at the track....
one year they came back from the track soaked to the skin....
NOT happy campers....
it was hot, humid, and stormy.

This was Sunday June 19, 2011...what a happy bunch!!!
....the weather was good!!

Boy's leaving on Sunday

raring to get on the road are...
Al, Roger, nephew Jon, Don aka Tids, my DH Bruce, DBIL Ross, and nephew Josh

here are the girls sending them off at 8:10 in the morning........

Girls send off

in front my Dniece Kristin
from left to right
my Dsister Marg, my Dniece Nicole, my Dfriend Sharon and me.....
I like bright colors....

and now we ladies can get on with our day
shopping.......sewing......more shopping......more sewing
it is a fun weekend with
lots of food......way too much most of the time and
lots of laughs....and most years if the weekend is on Father's Day
we have a fireworks display
thanks to Canton Township Liberty Fest celebrations....
we have an awesome view from the front of the house.....
up to 15 lawn chairs line the length of the driveway as we watch the sky!!
Josh had sooooo much fun on Saturday he missed the fireworks.....
he was resting up for more fun on Sunday....
...remember what happens at the track stays at the track...
Sharon and I are the only ones that have not experienced the track thrill!!!
That's OK with me.....I'd rather be quilting!!

Looking forward to June 2012 already,
Charles will be back from active duty later this month
and will be able to join us next year!!!

......and now since you finished reading a NASCAR post on a quilty blog
you deserve a chance to win one of these patterns.....
a follower will win one of them
....be a follower and
leave one comment on any of my posts from now to midnight August 14
That's 7 days from now and......say.....I post 10 times
(highly unlikely, more than 1 post a day....it's never happened)
and you comment on each post.....you will have 10 chances to win!!
...your name will go into a basket......one comment per post.......

2 pillow patterns