Thursday, April 7, 2016


My goal is to finish a UFO from July 2013.
I took a class to make this Professional Tote  
at QU 2013 in Ann Arbor Michigan.
It is a big tote....18" wide x 15" tall x 5" deep
designed by The Creative Thimble 
It was an all day class and I did finish the outside of the bag...
but haven't worked on it since the summer of 2013.

This tote has it all...great for a traveler.
There is a pleated pocket on each side of the tote to hold a bottle of water, umbrella, magazine and a phone.
The front has a zippered pocket to hold your ID and Passport for airport travel, 
another pocket to hold your boarding pass.  On the other side is 
a large pocket for a magazine or a newspaper and 
a strap to place over your rolling luggage to hold it in place.
There are several pockets inside for 
business cards, keys, pens, an iPad, even a laptop.

The tote is great for a quilter too...that's why I took the class.
There are lots of pockets inside 
to fill with patterns, books, fabrics and notions.

The pink dot fabric is to finish the inside.  
Some of the inside pockets will be black and white fabrics.
There are zippered pockets, pleated pockets and
pockets with flaps...even an optional key fob.
The tote has 4 zippers!!!  What was I thinking????

As of April 7, still looks like it did in July 2013.

I must have been feeling very ambitious in 2013 as I bought
both the Professional Tote pattern and the Mini Professional Tote pattern.
The Mini is 15" wide x 12" tall x 4" deep.

I'm looking forward to finishing it for my
April's One Monthly Goal project.
It will be my new tote to take to my quilting groups. 

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Have a fantastic Friday!!

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