Thursday, June 23, 2016

...and the winner is

I have sent her an email.

Sorry I'm so late announcing the winner...overwhelmed with our move.

Experiencing mixed emotions...
as I count down the days until we move,
originally scheduled to start July 11th
now packing will begin July 9th.
Talk about the days flying by...we just lost 2 days
and think I'm loosing IT.
The truck should be loaded
and we will be on the road heading to Canada by July 12th.
I'm praying everything goes as planned.
The truck will go to their warehouse, unload, and our goods will be in storage
until the end of September which is when our new home will be finished.
This will be move # 14 and my last move!!!!
This is the hardest move and it shouldn't be...we are going home!!
It is also a very expensive move especially with the storage.

As far as sewing goes, not much happening.
My OMG June goal is at the binding stage.

The cutting between the stitching didn't take as long as I thought.
It's been quite awhile since I made a chenille quilt.
I squared it up last night...very late.
I will stitch the binding as time permits and hopefully
I will complete my June OMG.

We are having a moving sale this weekend....priority #1.
My darling sister, BIL and niece are coming Friday night.
We owe them big time.
We are hoping to have the longarm machine taken apart
and ready to move.
Packing more boxes is also on the agenda.
The more we pack the less our packing will cost.
Am I having fun yet....HELL NO!!!!


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