Monday, December 7, 2015

ALYoF December goal...

I've been pretty good at finishing up WIP's and UFO's the last few years.
For the last 23 months I've set monthly goals and 
joined the linky parties hosted by Melissa and Shanna.
Each month I've been able to complete my goal.
It hasn't always been easy.
We just returned from Canada this evening and 
I'm not too late to join the December goal setting party.

I've been procrastinating making the embroidered pieces 
into clothes pin bags.
My December goal is to complete at least one clothes pin bag. 
If I can work some magic I would really like to finish all three...
but I really don't see that happening.
The first design is a Bird Brain Design pattern and 
the other three are  Blueberry Backroads designs.

The one on the right is already finished.  
It was my August goal for ALYoF.  
I'm linking to


Mary said...

Oh, you do such a great job. I love your clothes pin bags. Hope your visit to Canada was good, and your weather good. Today at least it is not foggy! Enjoy your week.

the girlfriend gap said...

Your embroidery projects are ALWAYS delightful. I always leave here wondering why I don't do more stitching. Love it so. Thanks for sharing. Janita

Marie said...

That's a great clothespin bag pattern. Did you make it up yourself or did you buy it? Good luck with finishing them all up, they are adorable.

Karen S said...

I am doing another late catch up!
I have been very impressed with your goal setting and completions. Sensible goals that can be achieved make a lot of sense.
Good luck.

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