Monday, January 19, 2015

Tammy 4 all Seasons blog hop...Day 8...edited

welcome to my blog...

It is my day to share my Tammy 4 All Seasons bags.

I have always loved to embroider and when Mdm Samm
announced the Tammy 4 All Seasons blog hop would be cross stitching,
I figured it was the perfect time to learn a new hobby...
Brooke Nolan's fall design was my first attempt at cross stitching.
I made many mistakes from the very beginning.  
I did a lot of 'frogging' or unstitching as Mdm Samm calls it 
but I kept telling myself...
I can do this!! It's not perfect but I love how it turned out.
I made a sweet pinnie designed by Cori Blunt.  
I decided on an embroidery design...
I'm not that great at needle turn applique.
I love how it turned out...
I collected a few of my favorite vintage accessories...
my feather weight sewing machine,
 a vintage crib quilt top 
and a vintage pin cushion.
I love the vintage hand made crochet doilies 
and my sweet hubby started taking some photos.
 The pinnie embroidery design was from a pattern by Sweet-Seams (McCalls).

I reduced the design by 50% and it was the perfect size for the pinnie.
After finishing the first one 
I was anxious to start the summer design...
I made a few changes...
two flip flops instead of just the one and no scarf.
I love it too!!!
The inside fabric is a soft grey 
with tiny red and white polka dots.
I love the spring and winter designs too...
so I had to start the spring design next....
and this one is giving me grief...big time!!!
I have come to the conclusion I have to go back to kindergarten
and learn to count...I will make it work, just frustrated at the moment.
This is where I am...
I have not started the winter design...that one scares me!!!!
If I could only count...this would be so easy!!

I will stitch the winter design too but only after I finish spring....
I don't want any more UFO's.

Thanks sEw much for visiting...
 please visit the talented ladies sharing their
seasonal Tammy bags today...
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Quilt N Queen...(you are here)
Sew We Quilt

A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful sponsors...

BEAM N READ ( led light)
Brooke's Books (seasonal vintage counted cross stitch designs)
Chitter Chatter (applique and embroidered pinnies)
DMC (heads and aida cloth)
H.A.KIDD (monaco fabric)
MsAppleHeart (Tammy Bag Pattern)
READERS (best readers on the market for those who need to see their patterns up close and personal) 
SNAP SOURCE  (great gadget for adding snaps to our bags)
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also a big THANK YOU to

Mme Samm at Sew We Quilt
Mary at I Piece 2 Mary
for organizing such a super fun blog hop!!!


I have one more picture to share
...the back side of my Tammy bags...
I was so focused on the cross stitching 
I forgot about the lace and ruffles.
I love the bit of orange lace and the red gingham ruffle...

I'm linking to Crazy Mom Quilts's 
Finishing it up Friday 

Happy stitching everyone!!!


  1. Your Tammy and Pinny are fabulous! Love the black coordinating fabric on the Tammy!

    Please add me to your list above. I am on today as well. Mary sent out an update email a few days ago. Stitch and Quilt.

    Thanks so much.

  2. You've done a wonderful job on your Tammt bags and pinny, Pauline.

  3. Don't beat yourself up too much; counting is hard (not being sarcastic there, sometimes counting IS wicked hard!) I love your Tammy's. The black fabric on the bag makes it look so classy! Your summer one is prob my favorite of the two though. Awesome job with your display photos, you really set the scene and kuddos for shooting the bag with the clasp slightly open so we could see the pop of color in the lining! That made me smile!

  4. Love your Tammys! Your Pinny is sew cute. Thank you for sharing and joining the hop.

  5. Gorgeous fall and summer Tammys! I bet you will get the spring one counted right, soon, and finish that one, too! The Pinny looks great, and the photo shoot is perfect.

  6. Hard to believe this is your first attempt at cross stitch. You did a beautiful job. Your second Tammy bag is adorable. I am partial to dots. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 2 flip flops is Awesome! okay so did you also do different colors on the Summer? It looks great. and I love your embroidered pinny, really cute. Have fun with all that stitchin'

  8. You must be able to count since you almost finished THREE of the patterns. You are a hero. I cannot imagine even starting on one. Let alone THREE! I love the bags and I love the pinny. Adorable. Simply gorgeous. Thank you!

  9. Your Tammy bags are awesome! Can't believe you haven't cross - stitched before. You have done so well and I love the way you displayed them for the photographs.

  10. You have been very busy. Your stitching looks great to me. The tammy bags are gorgeous and the pinnie is perfect with the embroidery. Your work is always so lovely.
    Love the photos, too, with all the antique items. Perfect.

  11. Oh they both are great and if you want, my daughter can come over and count for you. :)

  12. It's hard to believe you've never cross-stitched before! Your Fall bag is really nice; I like how the black fabric picks up on the touches of black in the cross-stitched design. The pinny with embroidery is very nice too. And, the red dot fabric is the perfect pairing with the Summer design. Great job!

  13. Pauline these are all just adorable! And believe me the winter design is not hard at all - it looks like it would be but I think spring is harder. :) Your vintage photos are perfect for this hop! blessings, marlene

  14. Your bags and pinny are lovely! Nice to know that you enjoyed x-stitching enough to do more than one project. :)

  15. Beautiful job! Your fabrics and stitching are just perfect!

  16. Really cute bags.....and they look just great to me! You have been busy, for sure. Good luck with finishing the others.... looks like you are off to a great start.

  17. Wow! So much done! And they all look so beautiful, well done made them your own!

  18. Love your new bag! Your stitching looks perfect to me. Gorgeous work, Pauline!

  19. They both look wonderful and the spring is going to be fabulous too. I hope you will share a picture of it when you are finished. The pinny is beautiful as well. Nice job.

  20. Gorgeous finishes and I love your embroidered pinny! Best yet is that there is still more to come!

  21. They are all beautiful. You really went to town with them :).

  22. Everything is lovely. Excellent! Can't tell it is your first time :) I am sure it won't be your last!

  23. Both your bags turned out just perfect. I love that you added the extra flop... I didn't even get one of those on mine. I also love the red and black combo, looks striking! Happy stitching that spring, looks like it is coming along nicely. Hugs, ~Cori

  24. Perfect foto you did) lovely tammy and pinny and great stitching!

  25. Adorable!! Your stitching, fabric choice, and the ruffle, all so perfectly done. Love it!

  26. they are adorable and your settings are wonderful! I would never use them and let them sit there is all their glory!

  27. These are gorgeous, Pauline! Especially posed with your fun vintage things in the pictures. Thanks for adding on the new picture to see the back sides of your Tammy bags. You are an inspiration - all three of your cross-stitch projects are perfection to me.

  28. Oh my goodness, they turned out just beautiful! I'll need to be joining you in that kindergarten class as I had a tough time counting, too. I have a Coca Cola tray like!

  29. Wonderful projects front to back. Love your personal interpretation. Great job.

  30. Fabulous Tammy Bags! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Both bags are beautiful....inside and out, front to back! :) Love your color choices and fabric. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Your Tammy Bags and Pinny are wonderful!

  33. Apologies for being late...I had an urgent appt this am....I am fine..cause I am

    YOU MADE 2 plus 3 ...OMG and you never x stitched before....they are alllllll beautiful and your PINNY are such a lovely mastered it like a pro.

  34. You go girl-great job. Can't believe you are a beginner. Great Tammys. I also love your photos and all things vintage.

  35. Your two Tammy Bags and your Pinny are beautiful. Looks like you caught the cross-stitching bug!

  36. What a great step back in time! You have certainly captured the vintage themes so well!!!! Every stitch is perfect and lovely!!!!

  37. I can see that you love vintage as I do. Great props! The fall Tammy is my favorite - the black fabric really made the design pop. Love the ruffles and the lace on the bags - sweet. The pinny turned out so well - the embroidery was perfect.

  38. Wonderful Cross Stitched Tammy Bags and Pinnys. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Tammy Bliss..

  39. woohoo you got a lot accomplished. All of them are very pretty.

  40. Wow. I love them both,they are just beautiful! Great job,your stitching is gorgeous. I would not have believed you have never cross stitched before.

  41. I am stunned by the people who say they have never cross stitched before and then do such fabulous work. Your pieces look just beautiful. And you were so prolific! You sure put me to shame. Thanks for showing us so much loveliness.

  42. It pays to be late to the party. You made the back of your Tammy bags very pretty and I'm happy I was late and got to see the picture. You really outdid yourself and made very lovely cross stitches. Wow, you did a wonderful job on all of them.

  43. They are all just so pretty. I love the fabrics, they coordinated so well with the designs. Your pinny is as cute as a button!

  44. Pauline, I, too, had difficulties with the Spring cross stitch. Mine is on 28 count over 2. I got lost somewhere and I have no idea where. I need to unsew. I knew it was just frustrating me no end. It's on a light tan cloth. I think white is the most difficult floss to use anyhow. So, it's a UFO and I started on the Summer cross stitch with the reds and blues and fewer white stitches. I used an ecru 14 count cloth I had. I have no idea if and when I'll go back to my Spring project. Since you visited, you know I have vision issues. I am thrilled that you challenged yourself and finished the Fall And Summer Tammy bags. They are outstanding. I can hardly believe that you have never cross stitched before. Your work is absolutely amazing. The gingham on the pockets are just the perfect finishing touch - literally. I adore that you have two shoes on your Summer project. That is adorable. I always look forward too you amazing projects and inspiration. Thank you for accepting this challenge and being a winner in your first cross stitch attempt.

  45. You did a great job. Your stitching is lovely along with the bags and pinny.

  46. Good work, Pauline! I knew you could do it! As always, your color choices are them all!

  47. You did fantastic for your first stitching project, congratulations! Welcome to the world of cross stitch!!! Everything is lovely - great job!!! Happy stitching & sewing!!

  48. I just love everything you've made...your color choices, fabric choices, everything!!! Love it all
    Gmama Jane

  49. Sew cute! Love that tiny little peculator! I've only done some tiny little cross stitch things. I have a problem counting, too, I think. I have to 'highlight' the parts that I've done, so I don't get lost. I'd never finish a large cross stitch (I know, because there is one in the basement, that I think I messed up on and quit.

  50. You are progressing quite well making all 4. The post it note is a great idea! I just use pencil to mark which row I ended on but some people use highlighter to mark their pattern.

  51. You did a fabulous job on your Tammy Bags and your Pinny. I think you did an amazing job on your cross stitching. I love it all. Can't wait to see them all done. Thank you for being part of this great hop.

  52. Wow! All your bags are fabulous! Great fabric choices to go with the stitching.