Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons Blog Hop

Think vintage
and cross stitch...says Mdm Samm 
and I immediately knew I wanted to join the blog hop!!
I have never cross stitched but that didn't scare me away.
...I am still stitching...I'm not very fast at it but I will be ready!!
I'm posting on January 20th...
It seems I'm always losing my spot...counting and recounting I'm using a post-it note 
and it helps me keep on the right line.
I'm getting faster!!

Cross stitch patterns were designed by Brooke Nolan
and Cori Blunt designed the pinnies to attach to the Tammy bags...
they are SUPER CUTE!!!

Join the talented ladies posting today....cheer them on
and make there heart smile!!

January 9th

How arT you?
Stitch and Quilt

Happy Stitching


  1. I am so inspired to get back on the cross stitch bandwagon!

  2. I am very impressed now that I have seen these for myself.
    Good luck with your stitching and that deadline. Looking forward to seeing your post.

  3. I took it down to the wire - finished last night and I post tonight. That's so not me...I'm much more a do it two weeks ahead person. :) My fingers are sore! blessings, marlene