Monday, November 11, 2013

I made a big blooper...

but before you see what I did we have some fun stuff...
day 4 of the 'For the Boys' Blog Hop.
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Monday November 11
how Art you
Secretly Stitching

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Now...there is something wrong with this picture
and I can't believe I didn't see before.
Do you see what I did wrong??
It just may end up in the trash!!

I could call it
'A late spring snow storm'
I just realized 
I used the fabric that I cut for my snowman project.
I have started restitching it ...with a sad face!!!

Happy stitching


  1. It is a beautiful block, none the less! Since I have seen snow in Reno every month except August, it totally works for me!! Don't throw it away...surely you could do something with it?!?

  2. I was so busy looking at the lovely stitching and didn't see the pattern on the fabric at all.
    I hope you have not run out of fabric for the snowman block.

  3. I didn'/t see that at all, I was too busy looking at the stitchery. I only realised once you pointed it out. I still think its lovely!

  4. I had to scroll down to find out what the mistake was. I wouldn't take out all that great stitching. If you don't want it it would make a great prize.

  5. All I see is a beautiful stitchery with a lovely background fabric. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

  6. I love the stitchery and after living in Michigan for 10 years the snowflake background did not even phase me.

  7. I think it looks great. Just name it "A Seasonal Mix Up"

  8. There is snow in MI in the spring sometimes so it could totally happen!

  9. I really didn't notice the goof until you pointed it out. Those white-on-white fabrics look like solid from a distance and unless you get right up close to them you don't really see the print part. I was so busy looking at your gorgeous embroidery that I couldn't figure out what you thought was wrong. I thought you were talking about an embroidery mistake. I would leave it alone Pauline and no one (except you) would even notice. Some places (like here in NM) can get snow as late a May and we have had some flurries then at least once I know of. I was in Colorado in August and it snowed in the morning a few years ago. So leave it alone and don't fret about it.

  10. There is always late snow. I think it is wonderful the way it is. It's only an opps if you think it's an opps. Otherwise it was simply creative license.

  11. My dad's birthday was March 20th, the first day of Spring. More than once he had snow on his birthday growing up in Saskatchewan and I've seen it here on the west coast in B.C.

  12. I think it's cute, despite the snow. It's been known to snow on the spring flowers before

  13. I couldn't figure out what the mistake was until you said it. You could leave it and if anyone ever did notice it, you have a talking point!

  14. I think a lot of people have seen this combination this year and could relate to the unusual (hopefully) blend of seasons! I would leave it with a smile ;0)

  15. I would not rip it out. Up here in Northern NY while the flowers have shown their sunny faces we'll have a freak snow storm with huge flakes. Never lasts long so it's a quick freaky storm. I really wouldn't restitch it either. Jane

  16. Consider it early spring. When I lived in IL it was wonderful to watch thespring flowers peeking through the snow--sometimes as late as mid-April.

    If you throw it in the trash, give me your address. :)

  17. are you kidding I love it….it makes it very unique..i will take it off your hands lol..silly lady

  18. Don't throw it away! Its beautiful! Its just a sparkling spring, not a snowstorm!

  19. Consider it wishful thinking. When it gets warm a few snowflakes would not be turned away. I didn't even notice the snowflakes until they were pointed out. Lol. Lovely stitching. If you are going to frame it, the snowflakes wouldn't even be noticed. But, feel free to send it my way. Just call me file 13.