Thursday, November 17, 2011

A package from Australia.....

A few months ago.....Vicki at the Pickledish Patch
was looking for some 'Swell' by Urban Chicks
and in my stash I found some yardage. 
I also had some 'Sweet' by Urban Chicks
and they work well together.
Vicki and I did a swap and I just luv my goodies. 

Swap from Vickie

Don't you just luv 'Monday is Washing Day'....
the cutest clothes pin bag I've every seen
....for sure I'll be making a few of these....

and the 'Quilters Cottage' pattern....luv it
it has a wash line too!

I luv to hang my clothes outside on a washline
but am sad to say the subdivision I live in
does not allow infuriates me when I pay the property taxes
and the home owners association tells me
 what I can and can't do on my property.
'just found out we have to get permission from them to put a new roof on our house'

'''this is not right'''

I've always been a quiet one but this 'quiet little old' one
just might have to make an appearance
at the monthly meetings....what do you think??????

Willow Valley patterns

Thank you Vicki....luv all the patterns and the
cute 'fairy' scissors.....

...coming 400th follower giveaway...

happy hugs


  1. Do they allow the "umbrella" lines or a retractable one? I know when my Brother was looking for a house (in the San Antonio area) that was a HUGE thing on his wish list! NOT to be in an association! Fight the power maybe you can get your point across! Arent we all about being green!! Oh, I do so love the 'Monday is wash day' patterns!

  2. Pauline your goodies are wonderful. I love the clothespin bag. When we bought our house six years ago we looked for new construction and no HOA. I just wouldn't be able to behave myself with busy bodies telling me what I can and can't do with a house that I'm paying for. Some of the ladies in my neighborhood act like we have a HOA though.

  3. well, I'm sad to say...I don't do much embroidery..but, these patterns are darling!

    ps...would you b interested in a couple of Raikes Bears?


  4. Such sweet patterns! I have joined your blog and wonder how I add your button to my blog???

  5. what lovely goodies you got in the swap.sorry to hear about you HOA being so stuffy. I don't think we have anything like that up here. I have seen the fees on house hunters though and wondered what that was all

  6. I'll bet that was such fun to get your package! I'm hanging clothes outside today even though it's only about 34 degrees; they will smell heavenly. I have gone for a few days without my clothesline just a couple of times in 40+ years and I'm sorry to say that I always turned "bitchy". I'd be admitted to the funny farm if I couldn't hang outside! I even don my husband's tall boots if there's lots of snow so I can hang my sheets outside all winter long!! I feel for you. :(

  7. Hi Pauline, I know that Vicki would have been thrilled to get that fabric she was looking for! As a fellow Aussie, I have always hung my washing on the line, I only have a dryer because it belonged to my late MIL, and I have used it twice in 4 years!! I love the sunshine on my clothes, and the fresh feeling they have. Lots of us here have a rotary clothesline called a Hills Hoist That can be wound up high after the clothes are pegged out, although our neighbours have a very old-style one with cross arms each end, they can have one high line and one lower. We used to make something like those peg bags to hold stockings/pantyhose in our wardrobes too. :)

  8. Pauline I do love that pattern - really cute. I love to hang clothes out too but my husband is worse than the property owners! He won't let me have a clothes line because it's "something else to mow around." We do have a few (a million or so) trees but that's no excuse. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Lots of lovely goodies!!! I can see you having fun there. Great to see the numbers over the 400 mark! Congratulations.
    And I did notice your other wonderful achievement on the side bar. That is really fantastic. Well done! I am so pleased for you.

  10. That clothespin bag is so cute. What a nice bag of goodies.

  11. I could use a clothes pin bag too but that one is too pretty to actually use. Nice friend of yours to send such wonderful goodies.