Thursday, November 10, 2011

Her Lost Soldier Boy's Quilt Project.....

...some finishes sent to John'aLee,
she is working on a very special project...
(if you haven't read her story click on her name)

6....8.5 inch blocks
using Minick and Simpson fabrics
8.5 unfinished blocks
.....and a 12.5 inch block
Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along
and 7 pillowcases....1 more than the picture shows for the soldier that fought beside Chris.
Pillow cases for Johna'lee
It has been over 2 months since John'aLee's family suffered the tragedy
that changed their lives forever.
As life goes on...and time passes
they will cherish their memories of Chris forever
and some day their hearts will sing again!

hugs and prayers


  1. you did a good thing making these blocks and pillow cases - my thoughts are with the family at this time.

  2. What a kind and wonderful thing you've done for this grieving family! I know they will appreciate your generosity and be comforted as well.

  3. How very sweet and thoughtful to make the pillowcases as well as the star blocks. Johnalee and her family have been on my heart ever since hearing their sad news.

  4. What beautiful blocks and pillow causes to send to such a wonderful cause

  5. wnderful stars and even more touching the pillow cases...xx

  6. The work you have done is wonderful for this very special cause.

  7. Great job!! I'm sure she and her family will appreciate your work!

  8. Pauline, you are so sweet and thoughtful! Your blocks and pillowcases are beautiful. My thoughts & prayers are with John'aLee and her family.

  9. Beautiful stars...and your pillowcases are wonderful. What a perfect addition to her project.