Saturday, November 12, 2011

A bad start to the day and a thank you.....edited

...last week before we changed our clock back and gained that hour
that I never seem to get....
DH was driving into work...and it's blacker than the ace of spades
the car is not sounding like it should...and he suspects a flat tire!!
oops! (not his words I'm sure) is...
he pulls into a parking lot with flood lights and he changes the tire suit and tie and his AAA card in his wallet...
he arrives at work....leaving the hub cap in the parking lot.
On his way home....blacker than the ace of spades again
he stops at the lighted parking lot.....NO hub cap to be found....
The next day I take his car into Belle Tire....
(they had installed the tires exactly 2 years ago)
I waited for nearly 2 hours.....thank goodness I took my stitching.
...finally they call my name.......and this is what they took out of his tire
it is 5" long
flat tire culprit

the good news
the tire was under warranty so NO CHARGE!!


and now a BIG 'THANK YOU' to Cori....
for donating the Minick and Simpson paisley fabric to make the pillow cases for
John'aLee's project 'Her Lost Soldier Boy'.
Pillow cases for Johna'lee
If you have never visited her online quilt shop
 please stop in....Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop
you won't be disappointed!!
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...she offers a weekly special on Fridays that runs till Wednesday midnight

This week it is an additional 20% off 
all Moda LITTLE APPLES Fabric by Aneela Hoey
combine that with Cori's everyday low price and you can
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....she has a sale section and best of all
....she offers fast and fabulous customer service!!!

...thank you for stopping here for a visit
I appreciate the time you spend reading and commenting makes me smile...(o:


  1. O.M.G. What is that thing that was pulled from your husband's tire??? Scary...

    Thank you to Cori/crazyquiltgirl for donating that lovely fabric for the pillowcases! You're the BEST!

  2. No wonder the tyre went flat. That's huge!

  3. Thank you for the heads up on the shop. I'm always looking for great new places to find the fabrics I crave to own.

  4. Oh I do not like car problems. I just got mine back after a week and a half in the shop. I am glad for you that it was still warranted. I have shopped and bought from CrazyQuiltGirl Shop and know how quickly she processes her orders.

  5. Pauline I'm so sorry about the tire but at least he was able to safely change it. I tell my husband it doesn't take much to make me happy - I don't want to be hot, cold, broke or stranded. Other than that I'm good. It's that stranded that's the scariest - flat tires, dead batteries, etc. I hate those things and consider them totally his fault! :) blessings, marlene

  6. Wow....that is horrible about the tire....but good that it was under warranty...

  7. Good to hear the tire was under warranty. That always helps to make a bad day a bit better :)