Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It is out of the pizza box......

.....and the borders are on and ready to quilt.

Spinning Flowers

that's 2 PHD's pieced since January 1st
...the hard part is done.
I'm really serious about emptying a few of my pizza boxes!!
I have way too many UFO's...
...my goal is to finish 12 UFO's  by the end of the year... 
...the next pizza box revealed this PHD....

Purple Log Cabin UFO from about 2006 or  2007.

...this was a class project from 2006 or 2007.
To my surprise the pizza box did not have the pattern in it...
I'm still looking for it....but I can finish this beauty without the pattern.
I remember the pattern had a log cabin border
...that is not going to happen.....
not sure what I am going to do with the borders...
maybe a narrow green inner border finishing at 1 inch...
...that is the width of the logs....
and a purple outer border 6 or 8 inches wide.

I'm still working on these too...
I started February 5 and making pretty good progress...(o:

Dresden Plate Quilt Along by Bunny Hill Designs

Dresden Plate Club...Bunny Hill Designs

I think this is what I am going to use....

Kona snow background
green dot for sashing
sashing corner stones....to be determined???
navy print for inner border
floral outer border.....

I'm off to do a bit of stitching...(o:

hugs and happy stitching


  1. Both quilts are beautiful! I think I need to get serious about my UFO's, too.

  2. Everything looks great, love the Dresden plates and the fabric choices you made to go with them.

  3. Pauline I sure hope I can get 12 done this year too - I'm not sure I'll make it but I'm trying. blessings, marlene

  4. Yeah for an empty pizza box. I love all that you have going on there.

  5. These finishes are very impressive!
    I agree with skipping the log cabin border. There is enough happening inside that lovely quilt with out having need for a busy border.
    Great to see the plates growing. And I like the border choices for that one, too.

  6. At first...the title...I was thinking that you finished a YUMMY pizza. Nope...even better! You finished a quilt.

    A quilt a month...YOU CAN do it!! =)

    Great projects in the works. I really LUV the colors of your dresden.


  7. I really like your log cabin pattern! Sigh... There are so many patterns so little time!

  8. Wow... I love your purple log cabin top... that certainly needs to be finished up... gorgeous! Your Dresden plates are also looking good.

    I, too, am working on UFOs this year and resisting starting anything new until I put a serious dent in the list.

  9. I love your quilts. My favorite is the Log Cabin one, great colors,too. i'm glad your finishing your UFO's , they are so lovely it was a pity to have them in pizza boxes.

  10. If I wanted to pick a favorite out of these I couldn't love them all!

  11. Congrats on that empty box! All of your projects are lovely!!

  12. Everyone seems to have the Dresden bug right now! I LOVE THEM!!

  13. Beautiful and so inspiring to see things getting finished!

  14. Good job on tackling those UFO's!

  15. Just lovely! You have some great pizza boxes - I should pull one of mine, but don't think there is something as lovely as yours. The dresdan is stunning and great border fabric.

  16. Gorgeous dresdens! Love your fabric choices for the border, etc.

  17. So excited to see the purple one is getting done!!!

  18. How lovely! All your projects! Great work and I look forward to seeing them complete. Have fun!

  19. Oh My! Loved the first quilt, then the second, then the Dresden plates. That is going to be lovely! What wonderful color choices.

  20. seems like you got motivated toward the end of the post about the dresdens!lol!!

    You do gorgeous piecing!

  21. I want to come play in your pizza boxes! You seem to be working in my color scheme. Beautiful projects all.

  22. My goodness, you've got some serious eye candy going there! Love your two quilt tops, and those dresdens - oh my!! Whoop whoop!!

  23. Wow Pauline your pizza. Boxes dishes up some pretty tasty treats...love the dresdens flavor. Lol

  24. Goodness you have been busy! I love the quilt tops! My plates are behind, but I'm hoping to catch up soon. Have a happy day!