Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

at http://www.stitchingdepot.com/holiday/673432.html

A number of years ago, I bought a quilt kit from a LQS
not long after I bought it, I cut the fabrics for the blocks 
but not the borders.  When I was cutting the blocks I found 
2 of the fabrics were short.  Mr. Quiltnqueen and I went back to the shop
and Mary, the owner, gave me the shortage....
apologizing over and over again.
I stitched up all the blocks and cut the strips 
for the sashing, the corners stones and the inner border....
but not the outer border strips.
I put the blocks in a pizza box with all the extra fabric 
including the outer border fabric...and there it stayed for a few years.
About 3 weeks ago I dug the UFO out of hiding and started putting the blocks together

Spinning Flowers

on the weekend I started putting on the inner border......

Adding inner borders to Spinning Flowers

great I will get this top finished this weekend!!!
No so...I get the outer border fabric out and go to cut it...I should have 2.25 yards...
I have only 1.25 yards...
The fabric is by 3 Sisters...Mistletoe Manor from a while ago
and obviously not readily available any more.
The 1.25 yards is not even long enough to border the short ends of the quilt
without piecing it.
I'm miffed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't mind piecing inner borders but I do not like to piece the outer borders.
It's back in the pizza box and will probably remain a UFO forever...)o:



  1. It is really pretty and you are almost done. I would be disappointed also but I think you should just get a solid red or green fabric boarder it and if you are still miffed it might be a great donation??? You have done a lovely job.

  2. Oh no don't put it in the box, could you use another fabric. Love it.

  3. Pauline, I think your quilt is adorable. I love the flower pattern. I googled the fabric line and came up with a couple of sources if your still interested in finishing your quilt. The best one was littlemamasfabic.com. It had a large floral print on a red background. It shows her store having 6 yards left.
    Good luck and I hope you find what your looking for.

  4. It's hard for me to see the border print from the photo... but I found a large print in the Mistletoe Manor line here: http://www.sagercreekquilts.com/scripts/quiltshop.asp?category=Fabric&FabricCategory=designer&FabricSubcategory=MistletoeManor

  5. I had a similar experience this weekend. I sewed up a kit for an elderly friend. She bought this kit about 5 years ago. The border fabric was short. I ended up using my own similar fabric. Grr...

  6. Pauline you must finish that top - it's gorgeous. You might not find the fabric that was originally intended for the border but I bet you'll find something similar enough to make it work. It might even be better than the original! It's too pretty to stay in the box...really. blessings, marlene

  7. I am in the middle of Civil War Tribute (1-1/2 years ago) and found the same thing - short yardage - was able to find but should not have had to. I would definitely find another fabric that matches your quilt. Sometimes you just have to compromise in order to get it OTL. It is too beautiful to become a UFO. Judy C

  8. Oh, this is where procrastination gets us! LOL!! Have not had this happen to me, but it is just the thing that would happen to me! I hope you find something that will make a nice substitution for the border!

  9. Oh - this happened to me with the very first kit I ever purchased - and now I just rarely ever buy kits (I also like to pick my own fabrics). When I do, I immediately get all the fabric out and make sure it's all there so I can get it corrected.

    It's a very pretty quilt! Hopefully, some of the previous comments with links will help you find a fabric for the border that you will like so you can finish it up and empty that box.

  10. It is a very cute quilt. I hope you can find another border fabric so that you can finish it. I am sure that someone would love to have this quilt for themselves.

  11. I have had problems with kits being short of fabric but never by that much. I hope you can find a workable solution that you like so you can finish it up. It's very pretty.

  12. It's beautiful you have to finish it, even if you have to substitute another fabric! I can understand though, had a main fabric in a kit that I purchased a few years back totally missing, couldn't get it any more, so I just substituted a different fabric. Might not have looked as nice, but I did get it done!

  13. I feel so bad for you! I've not had it happen but I've only been quilting 8 months. So ask me again in a few years! I did buy the yardage for a pattern, put everything away for a couple of months, and then started cutting. The pattern called for 3/4 yards but did not allow for squaring up the fabric, etc. I had to go buy extra fabric (30 minutes away) and thankfully they had it. I emailed the pattern designer with the suggestion that she always suggest a bit more because all shops cut fabric differently. She was very kind and even offered to mail me some of her stash if I had used the fabric in her design. Made me feel better instantly!

  14. I haven't bought any kits yet but that is something I will definitely remember to do when I first buy one...check all the fabric requirements and make sure it is all there.

    Everyone has great suggestions, just please don't return it to the pizza box. Finish it up.

  15. I should have mentioned I typed in Moda mistletoe manor fabrics under crafts. :)

  16. I am beyond excited you found your fabric!

  17. They have some on Ebay right now... the seller states she has 24 yrs available.. im getting some