Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello everyone....where did May and June go ......

The month of May flew by like a blur...and it seems like only yesterday 
I was stitching quilt tops for
the Bunny Hill Designs booth and the Moda booth for Spring Market
and was actually in Utah experiencing Spring Market...
totally overwhelming and exhausting but would do it again in a minute.

I bound 2 monster king size for my friend Liz
and one for a friend of Mama Spark's....and yes....
bound 2 more quilts for Mama for a wedding and one for a graduation.
We traveled to Canada ...
...had family visiting from Canada...
...went to see my Granddaughter's dance Competition May 21
...planted my veggie garden and a boat load of flowers it's time to keep the weeds out.
I'm still going to the gym 3 times a week
....trying to keep up with the registrations
and my responsibilities for the GAAQG 3 day Quilting Unlimited (QU) retreat...
yep, stepped way out of my box and volunteered to be the registrar...
***There are still openings in some of the classes***

June was a blur too
I did major cleaning before it was time to 
entertain 10 house guests...June 16 - 19 for our annual NASCAR weekend
...another weekend trip to Canada to see the grandgirls dance recital...
they brought happy tears to my eyes and are growing up way too fast...(:
I'm going over to Cori's most afternoons to help her with her online shop.
I'm stitching some store samples for Bird Brain Designs and
have stitched 18 more blocks from Helen Stubbings Truly Aussie pattern.
I'm keeping my LMS Birdie BOM stitchery up to date.
I'm trying to keep on top of the laundry, cleaning, shopping etc...
I'm sewing favors for the tables for the Friday and Saturday dinners for QU...
and I'm even sewing on my Gammil
oh yes I AM!!!!!
I had procrastinated long enough.......
I have had my Gammil Classic Plus for almost a year now.......
it has been set up and ready for action for over 9 months.....
my friend Liz has been over at least 3 times to show me the basics.....and
each time she would leave
I would park the machine and there it would sit month after month....
....not a stitch...nope not a one... 
A few weeks ago she said she would come over after work and give me a hand again
.....if I made her my chicken salad......absolutely I would was 95 degrees when she arrived
.....we headed to the basement....and worked for a few hours......
Cori came over and Mama Spark too.....Mama Spark wanted some chicken salad
and Cori wanted to see the machine in action...  
We stopped for dinner and after dinner Liz headed home to do chores at the farm and 
Cori, Mama Spark and I went back to the basement...
they wanted to make sure I didn't park the machine and call it quits!!!
Around 9 o'clock I run out of bobbin thread...
Mama Spark had already left and Cori decided it was time to head home.
I thought about parking the machine at that point but
decided to give it one try to wind a bobbin.... took me about 30 minutes to figure it out
I gave myself a pat on the back
but now I had to figure out how to re thread the machine...
since I had only the one cone of the white thread and had to use it to wind my bobbin...
I did as Liz said earlier in the evening...."tie the new thread to the old thread
and pull it to the needle instead of re threading the whole machine
......much like threading a serger"
I tied my threads together guessed it.....
the threads separated.
I thought about heading upstairs to bed at this point but again I decided
I'll give it one try to re thread the machine.....
another 30 minutes later I was ready to start quilting again.
I hoped I had it threaded correctly and the machine would not jam...
....took a deep breath and finished the quilt.
It was now 12:30 and I was exhausted....and (o:

Hullaballo front 1st on Gammill Hullaballo front 1st on Gammill closeup

Hullaballo back 1st on Gammill

How did I do??
Can you see the butterfly and the sun????
I'm really happy how the quilt turned out and am anxious
to load my second quilt...hopefully today....wish me luck....I'm will need it.

hugs to all


  1. Wow... lookit you FMQing! Beautiful... you're on a roll now!

  2. I am so impressed! First step taken now the rest is easy. I don't know how you are keeping up with everything. I was tired just reading your list from May and June!
    Congratulations for your first quilt on the machine!! I think it looks great.

  3. OMGosh Pauline I'm exhausted just reading all the things you have done. Hmmmmm I think I got the quilting done on my small quilt through May and June LOL. You did wonderfully on your quilting AND I'm so proud of you to not just park the machine but stuck at it WTG girl friend!!


  4. Beautiful quilting Aunt Pauline! I can't wait to bring down a few quilts in August for you to quilt :)

    Now I just need to go and get those started...


    P.S. - Keep up the blogging! I can't wait to read the next one!

  5. yes I can see it...and they are gorgeous..I am with it is July...and already I am looking forward to the

  6. Great job, Pauline!! You will just keep getting better and better with this!

  7. Pauline I'm totally amazed at everything that has gone on the last two months and you are still standing, let alone quilting! Oh my goodness I'm tired just reading it. The quilting is wonderful and looks like you've been doing it forever...I can see the sun and the butterfly both. I'm totally jealous that you have a Gammill! blessings, marlene

  8. Wow... you have been busy... just love the first quilt photo... that is a gorgeous quilt... I LOVE the colours...