Saturday, July 9, 2011

GO Giveaway !!

There is a GO Giveaway at Quilting Along The Gorge.  
It ends tonight so you still have time to enter.

.....lookie lookie what I LMS Birdie BOM blocks for May and June...(o:

LMS Birdie BOM block 5 ....the May block

and the June block....LMS Birdie BOM block 6a 

In my last post I mentioned I was stitching store samples for Bird Brain Designs was finished  and I sent it to Robin on June 24.......
I knew she had been away for a few weeks 
hoping she was back I decided to give her a call to see what she thought....
...she was away again this time to a quilt show in Colorado. 
Brenda was covering the shop .....and Brenda hadn't seen the samples
but she said she would call Robin and get back to me.  
Guess what..... Robin hasn't seen them either.  
  I stitched the dog and Mama Spark stitched the cat version.........
both samples were sent in the same envelope.....

This is what I stitched......sorry the pictures look blurry......a photographer I'm NOT.....

 In a Perfect World Dog 2    Dog photo frame far no one knows where the samples are............
USPS tracking confirmed it was delivered at the address on the package..... that is good news.  
I talked to Brenda Friday afternoon about 3 p.m. Pacific time 
and so far I haven't heard they found the samples......
.....sure hope they do!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. Beautiful blocks but I would expect no less. I sure hope she finds them too b/c I do NOT want to do them over again. If it says they are delivered they are there, they just need to look better for them!

  2. I do love seeing your Birdie stitches each time they are done. They look great!
    I really hope the sample turn up soon, too. It would be so disappointing if all that work was lost!
    Good luck!

  3. Love your stitchies! I hope the packages show up! Dag, that is soooooooooo nerve racking!
    xx, shell

  4. Your stitcheries are lovely!! It would be really sad if they don't find the package. Hopefully someone put it someplace safe.