Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Personality or Miss Attitude?

Just wanted to share this picture with you of DGD2.  No.....She is not eating a lemon or a grapefruit as you would think.  This is the face she makes if she doesn't know you and really doesn't want to get to know you.  She must be thinking ........if I can't see you will go away and I won't have to deal with you.  She really is cute........really she is.


Tracing her embroidery pattern on fabric is DGD1.  She thought the light box was real cool.  She tells me......."Nana some day I'm going to be a designer and I'm going to live in Hollywood."   Please not Hollywood........ At age 7 she is already a fashion diva.  She loves to draw and dance.  She is wearing a pair of my Dollar store glasses, red with white polka dots .......they're a little big.  I popped the lenses out and she thought she looked like a designer.    


My 5 year old DGS was shopping the other day and saw a quilted teddy bear.   My DDIL said to him "Nana would be able to make one.  She makes bears and quilts."  When he got home he  phoned me........full of excitement....... to see if I would make him a quilted teddy bear.   Hopefully, when he comes for his vacation week at the end of August we will be finishing a quilted bear. 

I've no current picture of DGS but will take some and share with you after his week's vacation with us.  He is a real charmer.   Now I have to remember to take my camera with me everywhere I go.  We will take a trip to LTW's farm.........I know he will love that.  Not sure what else we will do to make his vacation exciting for him but I still have some time to think about that.  Shopping at Target will also be a must.

Can't believe summer is almost over...........I'm looking forward to some cooler days.  I just don't handle the heat very well even with my weight loss.  It has been a hot summer in Michigan.  They say it is the hottest summer on record . 

Just another uneventful day.........and that is good.  I went to the gym this morning, did some grocery shopping, sent a few email, went to lunch with TAP, did some vacuuming and sewing.  Picked some purple and green beans from the garden for dinner.   Still have lots more to pick.  Next week when my Dsister, my Dnieces and my Dfriend are here for their quilting/shopping visit I think I'm going to have stuffed meatloaf for dinner one night served with fresh beans and a salad.  We had this stuffed meatloaf when we were on vacation in Hershey Pennsylvania in the spring.   It was sooooo yummy.    I made it using my own meatloaf recipe layered with mashed potatoes.  It was topped with sauteed sweet peppers and sweet onions and then with gravy.  It was just as good as the restaurant version.   My creation is pictured below.

My tomatoes are going nuts, with this heat you can watch them ripen before your eyes.  I'll have to make some chili sauce for sure...........I use peaches and no green peppers .    It's another day of 90 degree weather.  We are short on rain this month so I will have to water the garden tonight.  

Don't forget to email your pet photos to  as the giveaway ends August 14th ..........and it is one you really want to is fabulous.  Thank you Anne
Good luck everyone.

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting.  Blogging is getting better.



  1. LOL love the look on the little one's face, children are so silly. I wonder how many times your other granddaughter will change her profession before she gets through college?