Saturday, August 21, 2010

Give Away

Visit Canton Village Quilt Works and you will be glad you did.  Jackie is giving away a GO Cutter.  The Give Away closes August 26 so you have lots of time to leave a comment.  Good luck everyone.  It just so happened that my GF let me borrow her GO Cutter to show my Dsister, Dnieces and Dfriend how to cut with this wonderful machine when they were visiting for 4 days this week.  I've purchased a few of the dies ......hoping some day......... I will own a GO Cutter.  It is on my Christmas wish list.  I would luv to win. 
I had a great 4 days with my Dsister, Dnieces and Dfriend.  Their visit always goes by far too quickly.  I will post about it later.  

Have a great weekend.


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