Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That.

I'm back after a lull in my blogging.  Please don't give up on me.  I do hope blogging gets easier.

Our computer crashed July 31 and now I've forgotten everything I knew 2 weeks ago about inserting pictures. 

This is a busy week.  I'm still  going to the gym everyday, trying to get some sewing done and I also I have to move some of my stash so I can make room  for my........ new to me ......Gammill longarm.  I also have to do some major cleaning to get  ready for my annual Quilting and Shopping weekend with my Dsister, my 2Dnieces and a Dfriend.  They will  arrive from Canada Monday around lunch time and the fun begins..... I think this is year # 5.  We'll start with lunch......chicken salad with red grapes or egg salad (farm fresh eggs from LTW's farm) on toasted bagels....they are everyones favorites, some veggies and dip and something sweet.   Monday afternoon will probably be a shopping day  and we'll sew on Tuesday and Wednesday.   My BFF TAP is going to take a  vacation day from her real job to join us on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I try to show them a new technique or give them a little project to work on.  We've made shlep bags, pillowcases, crayon bags, and appliqued tea towels.  This year I'm going to show them how to string piece a block ( the blocks will be for a quilt TAP is working on.....I promised I would help her) and then we are going to make cup cake oven mitts.  If we have time I would like to do some hand embroidery on a tea towel.   Thank you to Kaaren at The Painted Quilt for her free 5 cent apple pie pattern.  I luv Kaaren's  blog.  She has a lot of free patterns and has a new .........Raggedy & Friends BOM.  It's embroidery and its free.  Check her blog out and you will be glad you did and guess what........... she is from Ontario.   

Speaking of hand embroidery, I've been working on two Crabapple Hill patterns.  I've only two embroidery blocks left to stitch for the Winter Wonderland quilt.......and they are the biggest block.   I luv how the blocks are turning out.   Here are a few pictures of the ones I have finished.

Snow Activities

Snow Birds

I'm also working on Over the River Through the Woods.  It's a lot of starts and stops but luving it too.  Sorry no pictures yet.  I'm planning to start tracing Rabbits Prefer Embroidery by Bunny Hill Designs  next week.  I'll be stitching with a medium brown floss and piecing my blocks in tans, browns and reds.  I'll post pictures after they are stitched.

Take a minute and visit Bunny Tales and check out Anne's blog .  It is another favorite blogs I follow.  She has an awesome giveaway.  To enter send an email  with a photo of your pet to info@bunnyhilldesigns.com .  Email before August 14th ......oh....... so many wonderful pet photos.    Sure would like to win that basket of goodies.  Our family had a wonderful little dog.  His name was Bennie and he was the best.  We had 13 years with Bennie before he got his angel wings.  Still miss him.

Also visit  MakelifeSweet and leave a comment.  They are offering a great giveaway too.

Thanks to my DH ............I've got pictures to share and I've spent about 4 hours blogging.  Is there anyone out there that can find me a few extra hours in my days.



  1. Goodness you have been busy and also very productive. Ya know if you help TAP with that quilt, you will have to do the binding for her ROFL!!! Enjoy your time with your family and friends :0)


  2. Crispy, of course she knows that, sheesh,silly girl!! I am so proud of you PTM!! You posted AND inserted photos, and you didn't even tell me you did all that! GREAT job!!! I love how your blocks are turning out. See you tonight. XOP

  3. Your blocks are great. I like your fabric choice...looks like a winter wonderland :)

  4. Hi There... just read your profile makes me smile... wish I had someone like you just down the road aways :)