Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog hopping catch up day and a vintage find...

I am finally caught up reading and commenting
on the "See you in September Blog Hop".

I feel like I cheated when I visited Mme Samm's pinterest page...
before I read all the blogs.
Wow...there is some awesome RBD gingham goodies
included in all the summer sewing projects!!
For sure I knew I had to go and read all the postings!!
I'm happy to say...I did it
and after leaving everyone comments, I am blurry eyed but
so inspired!!

On one of our visits to Canada this past summer we took the
scenic route home and stopped at a few antique shops.
This is one find that I couldn't pass up...
a child's ironing board.
It is very sturdy and folds flat.
 Here it is again
...the cover is a wee bit grungy...
maybe a lot grungy, definitely needs refreshing!!
I am going to make it 'happy' with some RBD gingham.
I want to be able to use the ironing board 
beside my sewing machine.  It is the perfect height.
I vision a cheery, bright gingham one...
probably with a bit of embroidery...something like this.
What do you think?  
I have some medium red and some large yellow gingham, 
but I'm thinking I NEED some small aqua gingham...
before it is retired.

Thanks for stopping for a visit!!


  1. Love the ironing board. I had a similar wooden board when I was a child--with a wooden iron. I'm so glad you have one and can use it by your machine!

  2. What a wonderful find. Well spotted!

  3. I think that will be perfect. Such a great find and you will make it so sweet.

  4. More gingham! Aqua would be the perfect choice. I do love the yellow in your picture too. Congratulations on that find. It will work beautifully by your machine. I bet you will giggle every time you use it!

  5. I think aqua would be perfect. What a sweet little ironing board.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  7. That ironing board is super cute! Can't wait to see what you make for a new cover. The gingham sounds delightful!

  8. Oh so cute and I totally agree with your Aqua choice.

  9. Hi, I am just stopping by to let you know that I have made your Pinwheel quilt at Moda Bakeshop.
    You can see it in my latest post on my blog.
    Thank you so much for a fun and easy project !

  10. That is just the cutest ironing board! I've become quite the fan of aqua gingham, so I think that would look awesome on that sweet thing!

  11. LOVE the little ironing board! What a great find!