Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hands2Help Linky Party

It's the first day to link up your comfort quilts with Hands2Help .  
Be sure to check out all of the beautiful quilts at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
that will be donated to
Happy Chemo and Quilts Beyond Borders.
It is linky party that lasts all week...
I will be sending Emily 2 quilty hugs for Happy Chemo.
...quilt #1 is called 'In Full Bloom'
...quilt #2 is called 'Playing on the Grass and in the Dirt'
You can find more details at Em's Scrapbag blog.  
Emily is helping cancer patients of all ages going through chemo treatments.
Her goal is to give 1500 quilts to Happy Chemo.
Wrapped in a quilt is like giving each cancer patient a...quilty hug.

Emily shared a lovely thank you note from a cancer patient 
who received a Happy Chemo quilt.
You can read about it in Emily's post "Happy Mail Day".
When I first heard about Happy Chemo I knew I wanted to help.
Most of you may not know this about me as I don't
usually share much about my family life on my blog.
but...I'll share's why I chose to make the quilts for Happy Chemo.
Before I started quilting,
 my sister and son both received the 'C' word from their Drs.
It was tough couple of years for me...
my sister received her diagnosis in May 1998...just a few weeks after our Dad passed.
After a couple of surgeries, chemo and radiation, was March 1999 when my sister finished her treatments.
Our son was diagnosed a few months October.  
Chemo drugs are administered differently depending on the type of cancer.
Our son had an IV drip for 4 or 5 hours every morning for 5 days
 then off the drugs for 2 weeks
then back on the IV for 5 days.  
He did this for 4 months. 
Shortly after my son's first treatment...
 I found him in my sewing room with his girlfriend and now our DDIL
cutting up large squares of brightly colored fleece.
They made a fleece quilt...and it turned out pretty darn good.
He was in his final year of University...
and with a wonderful circle of friends and understanding professors 
he graduated along with his class.
I shed a bucket of tears at graduation.
I confess...I've used a tissue or two today too.
Luv you guys...both are cancer survivors.

Thank you Sarah for hosting this challenge.  
Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.
I hope to participate again next year.

Happy stitching


  1. Both quilt are wonderful and will be great quilty hugs. What a generous gift from you. Thank you for sharing your story. May you family continue being survivors.

  2. Great quilts. Such a touching story. Warmed my heart to hear about his graduation and that they are both cancer survivors.

  3. Two wonderful quilts that are truly from the heart, thank you for sharing.

  4. Both quilts look beautiful. I think I would have shed bucket too!

  5. lovely quilts, I had Breast Cancer and this is why I too started to make quilts for Sarah for Happy Chemo because I know I would have loved one. Blessings Sandra from Stratford.

  6. Pauline, those are both just beautiful quilts. Thank you so much for sharing your reason for joining in, and thank you for participating!! You are the beset!

  7. Your quilts are wonderful. Great job. They will be a comfort to someone who needs that special hug. Thanks also for sharing your story. It so personalizes the reasons we do what we do.

  8. I made my daughter a chemo quilt and I wanted to share with more Survivors.

  9. This is an excellent cause to support and made all the more important through your family. That makes these wonderful quilts even more special.

  10. That's so AWESOME!!!! I just finished my chemo treatments on March 28 th!! YAY!!! Going for surgery next week to hopefully get the rest of the "C" out!!
    God bless y'all!!