Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader....Hello Bloglovin'

Using Google Reader?

Soon you will be able to follow me on Bloglovin’.  To make this happen I need to publish a post with this code

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

in order to claim my blog.  Then I will be able to add a button that will allow Bloglovin’ users to continue to follow me. 

DH is also looking at setting me up for users of Feedly as well...has anyone switched to Feedly?

Look what found it's way to my sewing room!!
It is sEw SWEET!!!

Remember to come by for a visit on Friday...I'm going to have a giveaway!!

happy quilting


  1. I'm following using feedly.I had no trouble subscribing.

  2. I am already following through Bloglovin. When I signed up, it transfered everything from GFC to here. Although I don't have a blog, I really like Bloglovin. They send all the new post to my email address and I can read them from there if I want to. It may just be me, but everything seems to be clearer on Bloglovin.

  3. I'm following you on Feedly - it was painless to switch my blogs. I don't have a blog and when I went to Bloglovin I was confused by how I was supposed to switch all my info. Also, I'm a bit concerned that Bloglovin can use anything that's posted without my consent. I know, I'm just a commenter but it still bothers me. :) I follow oodles and oodles of blogs and I sure don't want them all to come through my email address - that would be a nightmare!

  4. I'm already following you on Bloglovin'

  5. I use feedly and have had no trouble. I did claim my blog on bloglovin for others if they use that one.

  6. I have been running both side by side since Google announced it would drop the reader facility.
    I have found myself using Feedly far more often and I think that it will be my permanent choice.

  7. I am following on Bloglovin already they switched everything from google reader

  8. Oh My! What all came with the featherweight? I really want one, but, I'm waiting until one comes along at the right price. I never used Google reader, I use the dashboard, and Google said that the dashboard isn't going away. I'll copy all my blog links, just in case. I just don't trust anything about computers. I wish they would leave well enough alone.

  9. I want to see who is in the case:)
    My featherweight is a doll and I named her Judith afetr the lady I bought her from:)
    I follow by email and Bloglovin:)

  10. I follow via email, wish everyone had that option. Enjoy your Featherweight!

  11. Already see you on Feedly so it's all good!