Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 7 Holiday Lane Blog Hop...

WOW...what a parade of Holiday Lane creativity so far
and only 2 days left for the Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop
...where does the time go???

Great job ladies!!

****Changes to today's schedule****
Please remove Elaine, she is caring for her aging parents
Jeanne who blogs at The Learning Curve Quilts and Such.
She was taken to the hospital yesterday
...her sewing buddy Marilyn emailed me last evening. 
Please take the time to visit the talented ladies 
who are sharing their inspiration with us today.
Leave them a sweet comment and make their day Ü !!

Thursday November 29

Words and Stitches
Trying to Blog
Peanut's Patchwork
Moosestash Quilting
A Loose Thread
stitch, stitch, stitch
In Stitches and Seams
Hooked on Quilting
A Reformed Heath'n
As Sweet as Peaches
Geema's Wonderings

Don't forget to visit Mme Samm at Sew We see the top picks of the day.

Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them out....there is sEw much inspiration!!!

...hugs and happy stitching


  1. Elaine, I understand. Glad you have your priorities correct, and hope all is well. Jeanne, hope whatever is wrong with you, gets healed quickly and easily. Good luck ladies.

  2. Those are things that just can't be helped. I certainly hope all is well with them.
    You have done such a great job on this blog hop! It is so much fun to see all the variety! Thanks so much! (I will be doing the hop in January and I'm sure I'll be calling on you for any advice you can give!!!)

  3. Pauline I'm just wondering how you're feeling...are you anywhere near getting over the flu? It's been a great hop except now I want to make a black/white pillow, a blue pillow, a homespun pillow - good grief I gotta' quit working to get it all done! :) blessings, marlene

  4. Whew, back from Vacation and finally can Hop! Thank you Pauline for all your hard work, I know it takes a lot of time. I look forward to hopping and trying to catch up with everyone.
    Just read Marlene's comment, sorry you have been ill, hope you are on the road to recovery.

  5. Thanks for a wondeful hop! I've enjoyed seeing all the great pillows! I love the fun and creativity that is out here!