Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lets take a trip down Holiday Lane...

...and join the 95 blog hoppers 
who have been working hard on their Holiday Lane projects.
Thank you Madam Samm, Sew We Quilt and Jill Finley, Jillilly Studios
for making this blog hop happen
and the 95 blog hoppers, thank you for your commitment...
...without you we would not have these blogs hops to enjoy.
Thank you to all the cheer leaders for posting about the blog hop.
There will be giveaways, tutorials and possibly even freebies.
Be sure to hop along and enjoy the creativity of the 95 talented bloggers
who graciously shared their time with you.
Leave them sweet comments and warm their hearts!!

Wednesday November 21

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Thursday November 22
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Friday November 23
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 Monday November 26

Tuesday November 27
Ginger Snaps Quilts
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Wednesday November 28
Quilt n Queen
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Thursday November 29
A Loose Thread
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Friday November 30
J Kafer on the Net
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Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt

The last 10 days have not been good...I've definitely been MIA.

I have been without a computer...trying to work on a little notebook...

so there are no pictures...

...DH could not breath life into our computer one more time...

he tried, bless his heart.

He is my greatest supporter. 

 He had no time to buy a new one 

before he left on a business trip to England on Saturday.

I had friends who offered me the use of their computers,

 I told him I would get by.
Guess what he will be doing Black Friday.

Then I got hit by a Mack truck at least it felt like it...Mack the flu.
I wanted my bed not a computer.
Day 3 is a little better and better than this morning.
I'm hoping for a better tomorrow as we
start the Holiday Lane Blog Hop.
I'm so looking forward to seeing all the fun and cute projects.

Let the fun begin....tomorrow
Hugs and Happy Stitching


  1. I will support you anyway i can.if you fall sideways you can lean on my shoulder...if you fall backwards, on my lap..if you fall forward....welllll I will catch you by the bra strap....lol I will be here cheering you to better health regardless...and I am here lol

  2. Hi!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! Hope hubby finds a great deal on BLACK FRIDAY!!

  3. Feel better soon!!! The hop is going to be a great one.

  4. Thank you for all your work with this hop. I am looking forward to all the wonderful inspiration!
    Sorry to hear you are not well and I hope you bounce back to good health very quickly.
    Good luck!

  5. Thank you for being our cheerleader and leaving me a sweet comment.

  6. Computers can be a curse. Sorry you are sick. Stay in bed and drink lots of tea. Heal quickly.

  7. Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Fingers crossed you are back up on your feet in no time. xoxoxo

  8. I am just recovering from what has been a rough go of a cold with a cough and exhaustion that hung around for 3 weeks so I feel your pain!! So glad you chose to cheer us on with this hop and I hope that it brings you up and not down with all your health and computer woes. You are appreciated :)

  9. I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the hop with the rest of us! Thanks for a great job!