Friday, September 14, 2012

Tomatoes, Day 4 and 5 of the Dots on Dots Blog Hop and a giveaway

In the spring when I planted my garden I thought I had 2 grape tomato plants... I bought 4 plants, they are taller than me and are mass producing.  
They are super sweet and soon I will be looking like a grape tomato.
 I planted a variety of tomatoes, probably 2 dozen plants.
They included
 yellow and red stripped ones - super sweet
burgundy ones - super sweet
early girls
and bush tomatoes...huge and delicious
well I have so many tomatoes, I'm giving them to friends and
DH is taking them into the office.
Today, I made seven jars of pasta sauce.
It was simmering on the stove all morning. 
We had some for dinner last was yummy.
The garden produced lots of cucumbers too but they are coming to an end.
I planted 2 varieties...eating ones and some for canning.
My pepper did not do well this year, the worst year I've had for peppers.
I planted bell peppers... green, red, yellow and orange ones.

This is yesterdays tomato pickings...a heaping half peck container...
and every couple of days I get this many again. 
Oh how...I wish I could take them to Canada, we are planning a trip soon.
This year the tomatoes are so sweet, must be the hot summer weather.
Most of these tomatoes will be made into pasta sauce.
I love fresh salsa and I'll be making a big batch next week.
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I'm behind in the Dots on Dots blog hop and hope to catch up tomorrow.
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I have a giveaway on my previous post.
Mr Heinz was famous for his ketchup, but
before his ketchup he was famous for something else...way back in 1869.
Ketchup was introduce in 1876.
What was he producing in 1869??
Make sure you leave your answer on my previous post
to be entered in the giveaway.
Still not sure what I'm giving away.
The giveaway will close on September 17

hugs and happy stitching


  1. Your plants are looking so healthy and productive. No wonder you have so much produce! Nothing beats home grown.
    We are at the other end of the cycle as we are only just getting tomato seedlings established in the hothouse. Hope ours can grow like yours!

  2. Your tomatos look fabulous!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG I wish my tomatoes were that big! I have loads of the grape ones but not a single of the other ones. If you want to share the wealth I would take some off your hands = )

  4. Looks like you've been busy with the tomatoes!! We have noticed that the tomatoes have really been sweet this year too!

  5. I wish I liked tomoatoes because they look so beautiful on the vine.

  6. I might know a household that would love a jar of sauce, if you want to get rid of some :D

  7. If I didn't know the size of your yard I'd swear you lived on a farm. My tomatoes were plentiful but small and almost all split or started to rot before they were ripe. We watered them frequently but it didn't seem to help. Only made 4 jars of tomato/zucchini relish where I normally have 16.