Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome spring...

I think we missed Spring and went right to Summer.
It is suppose to be in the 80's on Wednesday...this is crazy weather.
The tornadoes that went through SE Michigan on Thursday were a little to close for comfort...
...after seeing the devastation I am amazed there were no deaths or serious injuries.
no damage in Canton.....thank goodness...
...fabric, patterns, sewing machines are all OK....
my sewing room may look like a tornado went through...but none did.

My 2 Dsisters and my Dniece...
were visiting from Canada...
they arrived Tuesday around 9:30 p.m. and left Friday mid afternoon.
We did a lot of this...none of this is mine...
March Break 2012 shopping
...too much eating.
My Dniece brought the most delicious peanut butter pie...
...it is sinfully delicious and so easy to make!!

Peanut Butter Pie
1 baked pie shell
1 cup peanut butter
2.5 cups icing sugar
Cooked Vanilla pie filling
Cool whip

Mix peanut butter and icing sugar together until you have little formed crumbs. 

You may have to add more icing sugar or peanut butter as I never measure and guessed on the amounts.
When you have the crumbs, put a layer on the bottom of a cooked pie shell.

 Add cooked vanilla pie filling and let cool. 
When cool add another layer of peanut butter crumbs,
 cool whip and then more peanut butter crumbs. 
This pie tastes best after it sits for a day :)Description: http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif 

Nicole's Peanut Butter Pie

and we managed to get in only a little sewing.
I didn't work on any of my UFO's...)o:
I have decided I need some help so when I saw there was a UFO linky party
I thought this party would be good...(o:

...and hopefully I can make some progress!!

I have posted Sandie's button on my side bar 
for anyone else who would like to join the party.
When Dniece was visiting last week she was disappointed in me...
yes she will tell it as it is.....
I had told her I was hoping to have my log cabin quilt top finished
 before she came for her sleepovers!!
It didn't happen...
I did pick my border fabrics, so that is a start....and I will be sewing on this...

Purple Log Cabin UFO from about 2006 or  2007.

...this week, for sure, the top will be finished!!!

hugs and happy stitching.



  1. Oh wow!!! I love that quilt; very very pretty. and the pie is making me hungry....lol

  2. What a wonderful logcabin...the applique is really pretty!

    You are sooo lucky to have sisters to have fun with =)


  3. Your quilt is stunning! Can't wait to see it finished. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your visitors!

  4. i live in ga. so i know what you ean about to close for comfort

  5. That peanut butter pie is sure tempting! blessings, marlene

  6. Look at all the 'loot'! LOL I would say they had a very successful shopping trip! :-) I love your log cabin quilt! Just gorgeous! Have a happy first day of spring!

  7. What a lovley quilt and colors are beautiful. But Oh that PB Pie!!! I must give that recipe a whirl this weekend! Yum...I love me some peanut butter anything!
    Gmama Jane

  8. Beautiful quilt!! I love log cabins!!

  9. I love this quilt!! I know you can finish it!!! Thanks for signing up with my Get Em' Done project. Is your goal to have this quilt by the next 15th party?? It is just a goal..but if you get something do on by the next party ....you will have done a good job!! Here's to getting them done!! Hugs

  10. I saw on yahoo that it's going to be 87 tomorrow - I WANT MY A/C - this is nuts! I too was so glad that nobody was hurt or killed in the tornadoes, truly amazing when you see destruction.
    Your log cabin is GORGEOUS, girl!

  11. We never even heard about tornadoes in your area or I would have been worried. Love the quilt. I've done no sewing since I returned home.

  12. Love the purple. I have to put the borders on my husband's purple quilt. He loves purple.

  13. I am very impressed at how restrained you were with the shopping spree!! Looks like fun, though!
    And good luck finishing off that quilt top.
    Your weather does seem to be doing odd things at the moment, and I am so pleased you were safe from the tornadoes. They are quite frightening.
    Your pie looks delicious!!!!

  14. Your quilt is beautiful, I too have a log cabin that is in my Get Em Done list. Can't wait to see your finished project.