Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chicken Runner Winner Winner...

....but first I must say I enjoyed reading all your comments. 
Some of you cracked me up...there are 'dust' collectors in blogland.....I never knew.  
I thought I was the only one. 
I must say I am a collector of more than teddy bears....
I also collect snowmen/ladies
3 crafts on old chair 
deviled egg dishes, 
antique keys and eye glasses,  
dishes in general.....
tea cup and tray
...these  are treasures hand painted by my Mom...
miniture tea set
I am always on the lookout for fancy vintage dishes...
condiment dishes and pickle dishes especially
 I have a small angel collection and a huge fabric collection too. 
OK I said it.......
That being said when we return to Canada.....I will have to part with some of my 'treasures'
I have collected over the years...and that will be is called 'downsizing'...)o:
The tea cups and miniature tea set will be packed and going back to Canada with me.
They are keepers....I  Them.

Also....I'd like to say.....

Thank you to everyone who left comments at SewWeQuilt and here on my blog... give me confidence.
Thank you to my followers who leave me comments even when I don't have a giveaway...
you make my heart sing. 
Thank you to my new followers who chose to follow and didn't have to...
you make me smile and encourage me to keep blogging.
It has taken me 3 hours to write this...yes 3 hours...I told you it is not easy for me.
I could have been quilting or collecting dust bunnies.

OK now lets get to the winner....

....the winner of the 'chicken table runner' is Quilting 'b'

Quilting 'b' said....

Wonderful tutorial. I have never done any quilt as you go projects. This might be my first one. I really love this table runner. Wonderful job and the colours are really beautiful. I collect Lady Bugs. Thank you for a chance to win

I have sent Quilting 'b' an email and am waiting for her mailing address.

hugs to all and happy stitching



  1. Your mother painted that set! Wow, that is so beautiful and yes for sure a keeper!

  2. Pauline, those are some VERY pretty tea sets...I'm so glad that you are NOT going to part with them =)

    Congratulations to Quilting "b"


  3. Congrats to the winner - what a lucky chook!
    Love the china and I understand how it is a treasure. My mother is still teaching china painting at 83. I have many of the lovely pieces she has made.
    Can't you just downsize on furniture and keep the rest? Good luck!

  4. Congrats to the winner and thank you for the giveaway! Beautiful tea sets!!!TFS

  5. Congrat's to quilting b!
    Your DM painted those sets?! Wow! I would never part with them either! What talent!
    Have a happy week!

  6. What a talented family, beautiful china by your Mum. I wouldn't part with it either. I collect glass and fabric! L

  7. 14 degrees(60F) here too and has been since Sunday. Got 7 inches of snow Friday night into Saturday but all is gone now.

  8. Ohhh my Pauline..your Mom is very talented..these are treasures...lovely patterned roses