Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogger is kinder today and .....a few finishes.... appears my blogging issues have disappeared since converting to 
Google Chrome.  I'm hoping it stays friendly.

A few Christmas finishes that I have not blogged about.
Some pillowcases for me.
New Christmas Pillow Cases......for me

They match my 'One Block Wonder' quilt that I made about 4 years ago.

Christmas One Block Wonder

...some pillowcases I finished after Christmas and
gifted to friends that luv to bowl..... 
and a pillowcase for a talented musician.

Gifted pillow cases

another finish....
...Quilters Cottage by Catherine Baynes
Catherine is an Australian designer.
Go for a visit to her blog
or her store at Willow Valley Store.
She has lots of cuteness you can't live without.

Quilters Cottage in an Orchard

Quilter Cottage by Catherine Baynes

I have the quilt framed under glass...
I used only 1 strand of Aurifil #12 embroidery floss color #2260.
It is a nice burgundy red.
I luv how it turned out but may remove the glass.

My next embroidery project is 
also a Catherine Baynes pattern.
It is very detailed. 
It is the clothes peg bag...luv, luv, luv it!!!!

Willow Valley patterns

It is traced and ready to start stitching but
....I must finish the Cinnamon and Cocoa table runner first...
...a pattern designed by Anne Sutton back around 2009. 
and has been a UFO for awhile.
It is still borderless but I'm going to work on it tomorrow. 

 my blogging friends....

hugs and happy stitching...


  1. As always, your work looks wonderful.
    I especially love the fabrics in the pillow cases you made for yourself! Gorgeous.
    The Quilter's Cottage is lovely also. Love the look of the Aurifil.
    Good luck finishing the table runner.

  2. That Christmas fabric is luscious - wonderfully rich looking. And the Quilter's Cottage is cute, cute but that clothes pin bag is over the top! I have an antique clothes pin bag that I picked up several years ago that hangs in my kitchen but it's getting ragged now. I'm going to remember this idea of an embroidered piece on the front of one when I have to replace it. blessings, marlene

  3. I had lots of blogging issues too until I switched to Chrome. I love it! No problems at all now! Hope it works well for you too! Lots of great projects! Love the stitcheries! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. very nice work!! Glad to hear that Chrome is treating you better.

  5. Glad to see your "issues" were resolved!! Lots of lovely things being made at your house :0)


  6. Oh my goodness, you find the BEST patterns EVER!! and your work is amazing! Off to the shop, thank you for the link!

  7. Love those pillowcases, but the clothes pin bag is wonderful! Glad blogger is treating you more kindly! :)

  8. What a beautiful one block wonder- I love the fabrics you used for the pillowcases. Some of them look like Robert Kaufman fabrics. It is nice to be able to comment on some blogs that I was not able to recently.
    Very nice stitcheries too.