Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shoe shopping!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of you already know I am from Canada
and have been living in the USA since June 2002.
We have lots of family and friends come to Michigan every year to visit shop and quilt....
and of course go to the NASCAR races in June.
For the past 5 or 6 years
my Dsister, Dnieces and a Dfriend would come for 3 or 4 days of
lots of quilting  amd some shopping........ always in August.
This year our Dfriend could not come.....
We missed her )o:.....
...we managed to do a lot of sewing and some shopping....
mostly shoe shopping
...just look what they bought...12 pairs of shoes...
...2 pair are mine...the cute black flip flops, top row, second from the right, are mine....
I just luv the sparklies......yes luv those sparklies.....
and on the bottom row, the third pair from the left are in my closet......
...the other 12 pairs are back in Canada.
Shoe shopping

There is nothing like shoe shopping in the USA!!!...(o:

I know all of you luv to buy fabric, that is a given..... but are you a 'shoe' person......
a 'purse' or something 'else' person?

I'm a shoe 'person'.


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hugs and happy stitching


  1. Now thats my kind of shopping!! :-)

  2. I love shoes... it's just no fun shopping for shoes 'cause my feetsies are so long.... I'm tired of hearing, "We don't carry these shoes in that size..." Takes all the fun out of it...


  3. Just for fun you should have told us they were ALL yours! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. It is fun doing shopping like that with a group of friends and family. And I'll bet you didn't all stop at just shoe buying!!!

  4. I love the shoes!! When my DD is home, we usually go shoe shopping too, but we sneak them into the house. LOL Looks like you all had great luck at the shops! Have a happy weekend!

  5. I am a holiday decoration person. so far it's Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day and Easter, starting on the 4th of July....I WANT to get St Pattys day and then more of EVERYTHING. I always get it on clearance and it's all tasteful, but thats my other "thing" (I am working on holiday quilts for me...and the couch...and pillows for the couch...and THEN when those are off my list, then it'll be holiday quilts for the girls!)