Thursday, November 6, 2014

A bowl full of gold and November's goal for ALYoF...

...yes this is a bowl full of gold!!
I was on the look out for some vintage feed sacks...
while vacationing in French Lick Indiana...
some I got a deal on and a few must be stitched with a thread or two of gold.
One of the feed sacks was still stitched as a sack.  
They are getting harder to find...and the price reflects that.

Now for my November goal for ALYoF
hosted by Melissa and Shanna
I have many projects I would love to finish...
some more pressing than
I've decided to complete the quilt top for my 
entry into the 2015 Road to California Quilt Show's 
I Love to Embroider exhibit.
I've gathered some fabrics from my stash
 and the nine embroidered blocks are stitched and squared.
 Next step is to decide on a design.  
I hope some inspiration comes to me soon!  
The cat print will likely be my outer border, if there is a border 
or it will be the backing.
It has different shades of browns, golds, greys and creams
 and there is black!!
There is a FQ of green in there...not sure about that one.
Maybe when I decide on the design it will 'come to me'...
it may need a spash of red!

I've joined the goal setting party at Shanna's Fiber of All Sorts blog
and at Melissa's BitterSweet Designs blog.

Happy stitching


  1. Lovely collection of feed sacks!! Some very lucky finds.
    I will wait patiently to see what the sweet cat stitcheries turn into. Good idea to plan ahead. And good luck!

  2. I love those kitty stitcheries! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!!

  3. Love those stitcheries Pauline! The cat fabric looks lovely too! Some very nice feed sack cottons there. Yes as things get rarer, the prices go up...that's happened here with old embroidered doilies...once the antique/charity/thrift shops would give them away because many people like to use them in craft, they are like gold! :-)