Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October's goal for ALYoF, a blue beauty...

...last year's blue beautyGAAQG 2013 volunteer quilt...

My goal for October's ALYoF is to help 
Christa finish the 2014 GAAQG volunteer quilt.
Once we have it all pieced
I volunteered to quilt and bind the quilt.
Still lot's to do before the end of October.

We are using the same pattern as we used last year
Zuckerwatte (Cotton Candy) by Bonnie Hunter
from her String Fling book.
We decided to make the quilt this year without the scalloped border.
This quilt has a lot of paper pieced blocks...
I have the paper removed from rows 6 through 10, my half of the quilt
...messy and not fun!!!
The outer border is pieced, the binding is made.
We will be stitching together sometime this week.
Hopefully we will have a finished quilt top by the end of the week.
(sorry about the shadows...picture was taken in my basement)

I love this quilt and would be 'over the moon' excited if my name is drawn...

I'm linking up with Melissa and Shanna.

Enjoy your week!!
...it's always fun to stitch with friends...


  1. Beautiful! I love the border. It frames the blocks so well!

  2. What a fabulous quilt. Love the colors!

  3. That quilt is fabulous! I want to have one of my very own. :)

  4. I am catching up now I have sorted out some of the computer hiccups.
    This is a big goal for October. It sounds like a lot of work is still involved. Hope it is all progressing well.