Friday, April 11, 2014

What is your Superpower blog hop? Day 1

Mme Samm knows I love to embroider
and when she asked me if I wanted the role of head cheerleader 
for a stitching blog hop....I was ready to jump hoops
then...she said it was a Superpower blog hop...
and we had to reveal 'OUR' Superpower.
I had a panic attack!!

I've thought long and hard at what my Superpower(s) are.
When I think of the meaning of 'Superpower' 
I think of it as being 'great' at something.
I'll share one of my Superpowers with you today
and I am VERY good at this
...starting one project 
than another project 
and another one
before I even think to finish the first one.
Yes...I am SUPER GREAT at this...
according to my DH!!


It's time to start cheering the talented ladies 
who are revealing their Superpowers today

Just Let me Quilt
Living with Purpose
The Quilting Queen Online Blog
Words and Stitches

Join me and lets leave a sweet comment 
and make their heart sing.
Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them much inspiration!!!

You can find the full schedule HERE.

Thank you to DMC Threads for sponsoring the 
What is your Superpower? stitching blog hop

Happy stitching


  1. I have your superpower of starting several things before finishing the first one, too! It's a great superpower and I'm proud of it! LOL

  2. Good luck with your cheer leading. I will follow with interest. It looks like fun.