Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's that show you my January finish for ALYOF

I had 2 sets of 8 reindeer and snowmen blocks.
My Januaary goal was to take one set of the blocks and make a quilt top.
If I still had time I was going to work on the second set of blocks...
a woman can change her mind right??  
My flimsy was finished and I couldn't wait to see it quilted so...
I loaded the flimsy onto Lizzy.
...with 5 days to go I'm hoping I can have the quilt bound
and have a finish!!  I can do this!!

I had been working on some redwork projects that travelled to
the Road to California Quilt Show.
There was a Redwork Exhibit using Bird Brain Designs.
If  you have been following my blog you will know
I love to embroider...
I started stitching in October and finished 4 projects...
2 message boards,
a 4 seasons wall hanging
 I called it "I Love All Seasons"
 I've changed my mind...I love only 3 seasons...I can do without winter!!

I called this quilt "Santa is Coming to Your House"
All the embroidery patterns are available at Bird Brain Designs.
I quilted it with was easier than I thought it would be
and am quilting the Snowmen and Reindeer quilt with snowflakes too.

I'll be posting again on Friday....hopefully I will have
the Snowmen and Reindeer quilt bound...
and a few more finishes to share.

I am linking up with Fiber of all Sorts' Finishing Party.

If you are in Australia...stay cool
if you are in Canada and the USA...stay warm!!

Happy stitching,


  1. I love doing handwork in my quilts - embroidery and quilting. Thanks for sharing yours they are beautiful and if I could machine quilt like you I would go that route.

  2. Beautiful finishes. I am with you. I am sew over winter, and snow already.

  3. Totally prolific are the queen of stitches,,,i adore your3 seasons lol

  4. OH, such pretty embroidered projects. Love them all. Congrats on your finish.

  5. Absolutely inspiring! Congrats on your finishes. :)

  6. I remembered when you showed us these awhile ago. I loved them then and now,WOW!!!
    I wish I could have found these??? What b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l work you do... I love the chalkboard one....
    I have some of that material. Will look for a stitching piece for the top......

  7. Your embroidery is just beautiful.

  8. Wonderful projects!! The snowmen and reindeer blocks look great in your quilt top. Great selection of fabrics, too. And I love the pattern you have chosen to quilt it. It is perfect for the big, red Santa quilt, too. Love all the red in that one. And of course redwork is so perfect for Santa.
    All the redwork projects that have gone to Road To California are wonderful. They look so festive. Now tell me if the photo of the one with four panels taken in front of the window with snow outside was taken at your home? Brrrr....
    I was also thoroughly enjoying all the projects in your header. Lovely work.

  9. Oops, my comment disappeared. Sorry if this is a repeat, but I was saying that I love them all, specially the Santa's Coming to your House.

    In the UK we're busy trying to stay dry. What a crazy season this one's turning out to be all over the world.

  10. Pauline, these are all beautiful, as always. I don't know how you get so much done. Although, I know you stay up way too late at night stitching.

  11. Your projects are so pretty. I love your red and blue quilts. So so pretty.

  12. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  13. WOW! Those quilted snowflakes are sooo cool! Love the always do such a *perfect* job of them! =)

  14. This post was a visual feast!!!

  15. These quilts and wallhangings are very beautiful, something to think about and add to my 'wish list'.

  16. You do love to embroider, don't you!? Your work is beautiful. Congrats on making your goal.

  17. I just love your snowflakes and I can so do without Winter too. This one is brutal.

  18. Lots of great projects. I agree, I don't love winter anymore, either.

  19. Congrats on finishing the blue snowmen quilt! It's fantastic!