Saturday, January 5, 2013

Super Sale and Friday Night with Friends

There is a BIG sale at Crazyquiltgirl fabric shop

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Last night I joined some quilting friends around the world 
participating in FRIDAY night with FRIENDS.
It was hosted by Cheryll who blogs at Gone Stitchin .
I came across the sew-in when I was visiting Michelle's blog, 
she was going to participated and I decided to sign up too.
This is the first time I have participated...something new for me for 2013. 

Michelle is a talented designer from Australia...
I luv her Rag-tag Stitchin'  designs.
I was gifted Michelle's frosty friends stitcheries from my friend Karen....
The patterns hadn't even warmed up from sitting in my chilly mailbox
and I had one of the designs traced on to a tea towel.
I just couldn't wait to start stitching a new embroidery pattern.
It was the design that says friends warm hearts 
Of course I forgot to take a picture 
but you can see the design on the sidebar at

I started stitching this pattern on New Year's day.
I'm on my 4th block.
This is the block I was working on last night.  

It is from the pattern Frog Work  by Briarwood Cottage
and is available at Crazyquiltgirl

This is my second time I am stitching this pattern.
It is sEw dang cute!!!
The first set of embroidered blocks went to a friend.

Happy stitching


  1. Great to see you joining in the Sew-In. The frogs do look gorgeous. And I am so pleased you have enjoyed the Frosty Friends stitcheries. Hope you are keeping warm. I will share some of our heatwave with you if you like! Cheers.

  2. Love those frogs! Can't wait to get my frog quilt back from the quilter!

  3. Cute stitchery. I am trying to stay away from the fabric sales. I have some things that I just have to get and stash fabric is not on the list.

  4. Hello, I've just popped over from Cherylls' to wish you Bonne Annee, and to admire your frog!


  5. Love the frogs! That will be an adorable quilt when you're done--can't wait to see it. Crazy Quilt Girl is a great shopping site and her service was excellent. Thanks for the heads-up on her sale. :O)

  6. I bought that pattern, probably after seeing the first frog quilt you finished. I have not begun to think about starting it - but I do have some ideas to do a tiny bit of applique in each of the pieces to add some bits of color to the quilt....either that or use different colored threads for the pieces, blue for water, brown for cattails, etc.....will see