Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winner....R&R....and Wicked Wendy will soon be lurking in blogland...

A big thank you to all the blog hoppers
who stopped by to visit my blog and took the time
to leave me a comment...
I always love to hear from you. 

Leafs Me Happy blog hop winner is...

Christine M

Our few days away for some R & R....
were not so good....we won't go there again.
It was our first experience with RCI and our last.
Antiquing was not good either...
in fact most of the shops close Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I did find a Snowman BOM by Sweet Gatherings.
I bought the 12 months at the Curiosity Shoppe in Oak Harbor Ohio.
It was their last pattern set they had.

I am having difficulty viewing their website today,
Millie has a lot of cuteness, I will be checking out her website again later.

Are you stitching up some wickedness????? 

BEWARE....in just 6 more days
the warning is out from Madame Samm....
that the Wicked Wendy from Why Knot Kwilt
will be out with the goblins and ghosts...
I'm just sending you a warning too.....BEWARE
don't take this warning lightly!!!!!
Our sweet as can be cheerleader Wendy
is about to be transformed...
sending wicked wishes
as she cheers us to be wicked too!!

....there will be 8 wicked days
that are sure to be full of wicked fun!!

I better get stitching...my day to be wicked is October 24!!

hugs and happy stitching


  1. Sorry your trip was a bust. Have a nice week.

  2. It's awful when trips don't turn out like we want them to, but Wicked will definitely cheer you up (or scare the you-know-what out of you.) LOL

  3. So sorry the trip wasn't good. RCI can be great and it can also be a big pain in the $%#@. We're sharing our Wicked day so if not before, I'll be seeing you then.

  4. Congrats to Christine M.

    I can't wait to see what your stitching for the Wicked Blog Hop !!!

  5. Too bad your R & R wasn't so R & R! Glad you are home safely. The snowman block is adorable!

  6. Sorry to hear your R&R wasn't as good as hoped. I'm looking forward to this next hop. Should be fun!

  7. Oh dear ... Yes the wicked one is watching you ... you must not have gotten rest because you knew wickedness was creeping up on you!! Hugs to you dear!