Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 1 and Day 2 Bowls with Borders...

Day 1 August 13...

Day 2 August 14
Jen Duncan
Sharon D.

I have family visiting from Canada....we have been busy
shopping, eating, and sewing....
I'm sewing on my Bowls with Borders...and I am struggling...
I have paper pieced a lot, but never struggled like this!!
Six hours later I  still don't have a bowl to show you.
Please send me some good vibs....paper piecing vibs...
has anyone else struggled with this pattern?????
Or is it just me...DA!!!!
My day for the blog hop is on the 16th.
I am in panic mode!!

....just picked from my garden
and this may be the bowl you see on the 16th!!
I have a small garden and finally the veggies are coming!

I am so sorry for being so late announcing the winner of the 
'Think Christmas' blog hop...

the winner is....
Karen ~ Briarside Lane 

I have sent Karen an email.

Hope to see you all on Thursday....
hugs and happy stitching!



  1. Yum! Those bowls of vegetables look great!! I knew the tiny pieces would be buggers, so I started early. I am so glad I did! Sending you some good vibes for a happy sewing session! ;-)

  2. I offer two pieces of advice. Enlarge the size of the bowls. O r do like I did. I didnt put the stripe on my bowl. I made them all solid fabric. I actually quilted the lines later.

  3. Dear Pauline ... I send you every good vibe I can muster from my end of the realm! Blessings to you and enjoy your family!! Quit struggling and enjoy and eventually it will come to you :) Red bowls, white stripes ... as only you can do them :) Best of luck Lady!!

  4. I wish you luck with these bowls!! At this point I would have to have resorted to just sitting a real bowl on top of a finished block. Hope you do better than me.
    Good luck!

  5. Sending happy pp vibes your way...I'm sitting this one out so you can use my "hop" energy to zing you along...

  6. Sending EXTRA SPECIAL paper piecing vibes and would even come and help you if you would share those tomatoes... OH, my!!!

    Thanks so much for the give-away! ...Karen

  7. Colleen's right--enlarge the pattern and/or sew them without the stripe. Good vibes coming your way!

  8. Love the veggies, wish mine were doing as good. I have watered them almost every day but the heat has been too much for the tomatoes. Never tried paper piecing but I see you managed it finally.