Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm feeling a little vintage today....

....as old as these fine kitchen pieces from the past
and some days I feel even older.
A triple sifter, the same as Mme Samm's...only hers has yellow handles.
Mme Samm blogged about hers  HERE. 
The tea pot was my MIL's and it sure does make a good pot of tea!!
...and don't you just luv the aqua egg beater.

Treasures from years ago

I've been told I am vitamin D deficient...
...does that account for the January blues I'm having?
The Dr wants me to take a vitamin D supplement, 2000 units
......which I am taking now.
I'm feeling a few aches and pains lately.
I have pains in the ball of my foot.  
...it is slightly swollen
with sharp burning pains radiating into the middle toes
....but not all the time.
The x-ray shows no broken bones, now the Dr wants me to see 
an Orthopedic Dr, ice it 3 times a day, take Ibuprofen,
wear closed shoes all the time...UGH!!!
....and I'm a bare foot girl who luvs her flip flops.
I'm thinking it might be a pinched or inflamed nerve 
and I hope it goes away soon so I don't have to go to the Orthopedic Dr.
Have any of you every had similar foot pains?
Yes, you guessed it.....I'm not exercising much and
I've added just a few pounds and that doesn't make me happy!!
OK...that is enough of my whining!!

Hope everyone is having a great day.....

I'll be back tomorrow with my giveaway Ü .



  1. I don't think I could wear closed shoes all day anymore - retired from work and barefoot or sandals for me, I even sew barefoot

  2. Get off carbs. I am talking man made. Good luck.

  3. I love your vintage treasures, Pauline, especially that teapot! Living in Michigan, I think we're ALL deficient in vitamin D. I take 4000 IU per day, no the doctor didn't tell me to, I just go by the way I feel. I also take it all summer, but not as much. It will cause fatigue, depression, even cancer....so keep up with it! There's a book out by a Michigan doctor called The Vitamin D Cure, see if you library has it. GREAT book.

    Sorry to hear about your foot - I live with chronic and excruciating foot pain, so I know how bad it can be! I hope it's better soon!

  4. I had similar pain in my feet years ago. The only thing that seem to ease it was wearing sneaks all the time. I guess it was like a cast. Anyway, I decided to wear them all the time hoping my feet would heal. After about a year, I had no more problems and I am now able to go barefoot all the time.

  5. Your symptoms sound like Morton's Neuroma. It's a pinching inflammation of the nerve between the middle toes. How do I know? I had it. The orthopedic doc should be able to diagnose it. Otherwise visit a podiatrist. They usually start with cortisone shots. I eventually had surgery which cured the problem. I found that athletic walking shoes worked best for me at that time but they don't exactly work for formal affairs (not that I attend any). Good luck. Google "Morton's Neuroma" and you'll probably find lots of info.

  6. Boy I can relate! I was told over a year ago I was vitamin D deficient, haven't noticed much difference taking supplements. I have tendonitis in my left wrist area, very painful and they're blaming it on quilting, the nerve! Also pain similar to the sounds of yours in my right foot, but mine is in the heel area and runs up the back of my heel. Sucks to get old(er)!

  7. Oh poor Pauline - I have arthritis in my hands and knees quite badly so I understand pain - and it is most annoying - pamper yourself a little and get it diagnosed properly so you know how to deal with it quickly if it every comes back again. Good luck and here is to a speedy return to your normal self!

  8. Barefoot and/or flip flops are not good for aging feet. :) I found that out the hard way, as did several of your other commenters. Major pain didn't stop until I wore either Birkenstocks or really good tennis shoes all the time. And unfortunately it took several months for the pain to leave for good. I never wear high heels any more - sent them all to the thrift shop. Be careful with Ibuprofen and always take them with food so you won't have stomach issues. blessings, marlene

  9. What's going on? Are you falling apart on me?? Noooo...!! :)
    Why is it no one told us about all the aches and pains we can acquire?
    Vitamin D seems to be the lasted big thing here, too. It is automatically looked at when any blood test is done. I don't know anyone yet who doesn't have a deficiency, even my doctor is low.
    I'm with you when it comes to being barefoot. And now that I am retired and don't have to wear work shoes it is even worse. Do I have trouble getting back into shoes when Winter arrives! It's a bit like squeezing into jeans several sizes too small. Oh dear!
    I hope you find some answers to all your woes! Good luck!

  10. Hey, Pauline.....that blue feeling is called, winter in Michigan. But it's now February. We made it through January. And February is a short month, although not as short this year as most, and then it's March, when we can expect at least a few days with the promise of spring! Hang in there!

  11. Been to my primary care physician, orthopaedic surgeon, neurologist and podiatrist and they still do not know why my left foot hurts. I do wear shoes all the time now, because otherwise it hurts to much to walk - I plan to have an autopsy so my poor husband will have some answers to why I complained all the time. LoL I do believe age has reared it's ugly head - again. Judy C

  12. Vitamin D makes a huge difference for me. If a skip a couple of days, I really notice the 'blue' feeling descending on me. Take your vitamin D! For the inflammation, have you tried turmeric capsules? Start taking those twice a day and then once the ibuprofen has the discomfort somewhat under control, wean off the ibuprofen and continue the turmeric. Vit D and turmeric are part of my daily dose and the foot & hip pain don't bother me anymore. Enjoy! Teri