Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Valentine's Day

tablerunner close up

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I have received a number of comments on both blogs that had a no-reply email. 
I must have a way to contact you...or I will draw another name.

The no-reply emails do make me sad..... :o(

I would like to thank everyone for your comments...
loved reading every one of them.....
you made me smile and I had a few chuckles :o)...

I had a few direct questions that some asked and I will email you direct....soon, I promise.

A number of you mentioned you were going to try the 3/8" seam allowance 
to stitch your binding to your quilt.
Just remember......
 ....if the outside edge of your quilt does not allow for the wider seam allowance
because of stars or triangle points being chopped off
you would have to use the 1/4" as usual.
The 3/8" seam allowance works best with quilts that have a
......plain border...a piano key for points. first mug rug




  1. Oh my gosh, how wonderful! I love that mug rug. The stitchery is so cute!!

  2. So cute! I've made two mug rugs myself, but gave them away to my BFF....grin.

  3. I LOVE your mug rug!! It's so dang cute!!


  4. Good binding tip! Adorable mug rug. Can't wait to sew with you on Friday!!

  5. Love the little bear peeking out from under the quilt.

  6. well you know how much I love your stitchery, and your place mat...*( no runner) excuse me lol and your colors for everything . Yep I love it all

  7. Where do you get the pattern for the mug rugs? Yours is ADORABLE!

  8. I was very impressed with these instructions and saved the blog post as unread until I had a chance to try them. I am happy to report that this will be my newest way of binding. I especially like the technique for joining the ends of the binding strips. Thank you, thank you, thank you!