Monday, January 10, 2011

What have I been ask

As if I haven't got enough UFO's and WIP's on the the go....
and I'm still working on my PhD's
I'm now frequently visiting the thrift shops...
in search of 100% wool.

On January 1st I met up with Mama Spark at the Salvation Army Thrift shop.
I think it is a Canadian saying....
I referred to the 'Salvation Army Thrift shop' as the 'Sally Ann'
and Mama Spark wasn't sure where I was going....
It was yellow tag 5 yellow tag items for $5.00.
We got 30 100% wool garments for $30.00.

Every Friday and Saturday they have a different color that is offered 5 for $5.00
On Friday I was back again and it was blue ticket items.
Yes, 10 more 100 % wool garments.
...and now this is what I've been doing
unstitching...thank goodness for a good seam ripper!!
12 garments unstitched and 28 more to go....

I'm learning....I'm now checking plus sizes first....lot more fabric than a size 2..
...more bang for your buck
and 2 piece suits count as 1 item...
...a great big bang for your buck.
Skirts and slacks have more usable wool than the blazers.
The men's department has a lot of 100% wool too...

....and now I'll be looking for the 100% cottons thanks to
Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.
This past Saturday Bonnie was the guest blogger on Sew We Quilt
(Stash Manicure blog has been renamed 'Sew We Quilt" ...luv the new name )
 Make sure you check out both blogs...they are amazing!!
Visit Bonnie's blog, Quiltville  she has a free pattern for you.

 Starting in February
Sew We Quilt will have posts every single day...yes every single day!
Sundays post are going to be awesome as I'm a visual person....
....You Tube Videos.
I'm not going to miss them and you won't want to miss either!!

Happy stitching or shall I say unstitching:)


  1. Sow who knew unstitching could be so much fun!!?? I bought a silk dress, some linen slacks and 3 more wool pieces for our collection too!! Oh, and I found the missing silk dress! Can't wait to see how they come out felted. Maybe you should have asked for tips on how to do this the best way?? Talk to you tonight. XOP

  2. do you have a project in mind for your thrift wool?

    I have just recently learned how to felt my own wool @


  3. Sorry but I just have to whine. I go to my Sally Ann and there is NOTHING to buy. No wools, no cottons, no crafting supplies. Green vibes are overtaking me. I found a wool shirt at the Sally Ann the other day - first time ever. DH took it to wear; he was pretty excited about it, but there goes my one score.

  4. Hi Pauline,

    Wow, I would bet that your car knows the route to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop all by itself. (o:

    Happy wool hunting.


  5. I often buy wool garments at Salvation Army or Goodwill thrift shops. You were lucky to find the bright colors - dark colors are everywhere but the light colors not so much. blessings, marlene

  6. Did I read right? You are looking for 100% cottons? Have you checked your basement? lol

  7. At this rate you are going to need another basement to store all your finds!! Good luck with felting and sewing. Any ideas for patterns and use yet?
    Here we tend to call our stores Sally's or Salvo's. Love finding out all the different names.

  8. LOL Sally Ann - I always call it Uncle's Sal's! I'll leave all the wool for you and Pam, though. But I might snag all the cottons! Good tip to look at the plus sizes first.

  9. WOW Mama Sparks did say you two went thrifting but didn't say you got so MUCH!! Ok, you have to do a little tutorial on how to felt your finds for those of us who are ignorant of the process....well mostly me LOL. Oh, you still have to do a tutorial on bindings too (I told Pam I would bug you again about it LOL).


  10. I too was a crafter before quilting and these are some of my leftovers from those days. Your snowman quilt is VERY the embroidery. What are you making with all your tell.