Sunday, December 26, 2010

Before I started quilting I used to make crafts.......

bears, dolls, snowmen, Santa's, elves and just about anything that required fabric and are a few of my crafts..........I never made just one of any craft...they usually came in 3's...4's...or 5's...or even more!!

this is Annie. I own one and my 2 granddaughters each have one.....and you guessed it....I have 3 UFO's...some have the straight hair and some have yarn loops for hair.

My Annie

this is Victoria. I've made three and yes three more UFO's.


this is Willard. I've made two and both have been gifted and you got it 2 more UFO's. This one has been a UFO for about 8 years....poor Willard, he does need his coat, scarf and pail of snowballs.

Willard 8 years ago

this collection of crafts were all made before I caught the quilting bug!

I also have a dear friend who is a Teddy Bear artist. I have a lot of her bears. I'll show more pictures in future posts. May even post a picture of the bears I've made...and a Teddy Bear artist I'm NOT. She designs her bears under the name Bren's Bears and is from Ontario. She taught me a lot about bear making...hope it all comes back to me when I get to those UFO's. I'm hoping I'll get to see her when we are back to Canada for Christmas. this bear.  His name is Tristan and he is 10 years old.

Bren's bear at Laura's

I would really like to finish some of my UFO's....I can't call them WIP's as the body parts have been in plastic bins for over 8 years

....sEw there you have it...I'm sorry to say I'm really really BAD at finishing a project before I start another one and I'm finding I'm the same with my quilts.  Do you finish a quilt before you start another?????

I have embroidered 36 snowmen blocks sEw far and have 4 more to embroider and I will have enough blocks to make 4 quilts.  There are 8 snowmen blocks in each quilt. This is quilt #1.  

2 quilt stand

#2 is just back from the quilters and the binding is almost finished.  I'll be making the 3rd one in the new year and a 4th one when I get the other 4 blocks stitched. 

The other 8 snowman blocks were a giveaway I had earlier in the month. They are now on their way to Karen in Australia.

My New Year's resolution is to......finish SOME of my UFO's...... and I've got LOTS .......
and to start quilting on my Gammill Classic.....wish me luck!



  1. Beautiful work! Best of luck with your Classic!! Enjoy :)

  2. Love all of your wonderful creations. The UFO's - we all have them, just maybe not as willing to admit as you are. (o:

    That 8 block snowman quilt - oh that quilt....

    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. I do find it really interesting how we have come to quilting along different paths. But when we do get to quilting we seem to stick with it. I went through the soft toy stage when my children were little. Then came back to it through doll making about 15+ years ago and still have loads of UFOs like you. And now the cycle has gone around again so that I am making softies for grandchildren. I also started embroidery 20 years back and have loved developing that skill. But it always seems to be the quilting that never takes a back seat.
    I enjoyed your display of teddies and dolls, especially all the Christmas ones. Good luck with all the UFOs. Maybe I should follow your lead and take out my collection that are not finished. It would be good to complete a few.
    The blue snowmen quilts are coming up so well. Great photo!
    Good luck when you start playing with the Gammill. I am so looking forward to seeing the results from that. Have you chosen a quilt to start on?

  4. You're a woman of many talents! Love your creations, and oh that snowman quilt - just gorgeous! I too made lots of other things, but never with patterns - couldn't get the hang of patterns, lol. Still can't!

  5. I've always liked looking at "softies" that others have made but never caught the bug. I came to quilting after knitting and crocheting for years. Once upon a time I would make one quilt at a time and never start a new one until the other was finished. I have spent the last year getting all my UFO's done. I only have a couple more and then I can start creating new ones :0)


  6. I can't believe you made another post already!! Good for you. I have to figure out what I will be working on in the coming year. I figure I will be making a list soon! Love your softies and your snowman quilts. They are lovely!!!

  7. Since your blog is one of my WIPs, I'm just testing one of the changes to be made in 2011.

  8. I love your dolls. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  9. Yes yes were most certainly featured....and for a whole seeing where you came from and where you are going...yeah....happy to be a small part of it all..

  10. I am always three or four quilts ahead of myself. Especially when there are so many lovely fabric lines coming out. So as you might guess, I have quite a few UFOs. My resolution this year, like most quilters, is to get some of them completed. Hope you are able to do the same. Your banner-winning blue snowman quilt is just gorgeous. Also love your bears and Raggedy Anne doll.

  11. I love your dolls!
    Happy New Year!

  12. I love your blue quilt on the Stash Manicure aka Sew We Quilt, blogsite!! You must have been SEW thrilled to have your quilt chosen for the banner!! I would have been...much like when I got a phone call from THE Madame Samm saying she had made over my blog!! The thrill, the shock, the relief, was overwhelming. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to become one of your new followers as well.
    Gmama Jane