Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm ready to give up on blogging

Thanks for stopping by.......

I tried to put some pictures in my last blog but every time I tried to insert a picture my spacing would get all messed up.  I must be doing something wrong.  Hopefully some day I will be able to blog like a pro.....don't I decided to  just do another post.  This blogging does frustrate me but I will not give up!!!!!!!!!!!

The following quilts were hung at the Belleville quilt show......I did have more quilts entered but my pictures are ..... should I say ...... not very good ..... a photographer I'm not.  I do have lots to work on.....blogging and now picture taking......

This picture is my DGD1's Bugs and Critters quilt. It was the first applique quilt I'd made and I made a second one as a graduation gift for a friend's daughter.  Katie wanted something cheery.

Leah's bugs and critters

The second picture is my first attempt at a one block wonder.  It is quilted with gold metalic thread. I really liked how it turned out.  Thank you Sharie for all your help.  It took me 3 years to finish.

Christmas One Block Wonder

This was a mystery quilt pattern and since I like 30's I thought I couldn't go wrong using 30's fabrics.

30's chain

That's it for quilt pictures.  OMG my pictures need help.

I really liked my pattern purchases at the Novi Sewing Expo.  Two of the patterns are from the line  It's a Jungle Out There are from Sew Wonderful Dreams  Check out their website here.  MamaSpark bought the one with the zebra and the tiger.  It is tooooooo cute too.  Snow Folks is a great pattern if you are into making tea towels.

The other pattern company I really like was Country Faces.  My photos didn't turn out very well as there was a lot of glare.  Their patterns are adorable.  

OMG!!!!!..........2 posts in 2 days.  Please, please leave a comment.  I need the encouragement.  I  am planning to join the Fall into Fall Giveaway on October 1st.  I think I've got a great giveaway planned but I have to figure out how to grab the scarecrow button and add it to my blog.    I'm going to go make dinner now and work on that scarecrow button later.  I may be calling for help later.  

Happy quilting.......


  1. Don't give up it can definitely be frustrating! I add all my pictures first (starting with the one I want to appear last and so on) Then I go in and add words and such. I hope that works for you.

  2. Great quilts Pauline!!

    I have a suggestion....ACK, this will take to long for a comment. I'll send you an e-mail :0)


  3. You can do it! You added that button now you can do anything!

  4. Hi Aunt Pauline,

    Keep up with the blogging!!! You are doing great! I always check in and am excited to read new posts. I have to say, the quilt in the first picture is one of my favourites!! See you soon,


  5. Hey Mom!

    Really great blog! I'm very proud of you. The "one block wonder" quilt looks very cool. Can't wait to see your chocolate chip cookie recipe on here some day ;-)

    Todd (or should I say DS1)

  6. Hello Pauline!
    Your christmas one block wonder is beautiful. I don't know the technique you used, but I love it. Can you help me to learn the method? I've never seen your blog before, but until now I'm your fan. I'm a mother of five, and live in Hungary, Europe. I love my family, quilting, and the Lord Jesus. So have a nice fall weekend! Györgyi

  7. Great quilts! I love your OBW! I've made two and they were lots of fun! :-)

  8. You do beautiful work Queenie, and your muffins look scrumpious!

  9. Don't give up - the problem isn't you - it's blogger! Sometimes it works well - there's just no rhyme or reason, and I'm frequently frustrated at how they muck up up my text and photos! They call it WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) but that's a LIE, lol!

    Your quilts are gorgeous!