Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finally I've posted my winners and...

where has the summer gone...
...the months are flying by and I don't know where August went.
It's been a blur.  
DH has been retired for 5 months already.  
I have always planted and looked after the garden but  
this year he has been the 'farmer' and has done a great job. 
I don't think he will admit it but I think he is enjoying tending the garden...
...not too many weeds.
A few pictures...

We planted 3 grape tomato plants and we had lots come up from seed in the spring.
We thinned them out and ended up with 6 plants and way too many grape tomatoes
for us to eat.  

We had a hail storm early summer when the tomatoes were very small...you can see 
the marks on them but we still had a great crop.  The hail damaged the cucumbers too,
the cucumbers didn't do all that great.

We have had our share of animals feasting on the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
I planted 2 hot pepper plants and either a raccoon, a bunny or a squirrel 
decided to try this hot pepper.  Not sure why he didn't finish the bite!!
I think it was the squirrel...I've heard they like garden produce especially peppers.

I've made 30 jars of pasta sauce and 10 jars of hamburger relish....it is so delicious.
I would like to make another batch of the hamburger relish
and some chili sauce with peaches before the tomatoes come to and end.
DH has been helping with the canning, I sure do appreciate his help.

We have been procrastinating about getting the house ready to sell.
We have given ourselves 1 more year maximum to be settled back in Canada. 
Our green card is good until April 2016 but we will be back in Canada by 
September 2014...that is our end date.  

Another thing I have neglected to do was pick my HO HO HO winners.
First a hugh thank you to everyone who left me such sweet comments...
I do miss all the fun projects, QALs and blog hops.
I promise, I will be back commenting on blogs again soon.

...and now for the winners

Winner #1 is #17 Jeanie
Winner #2 is #62 Suze

I have sent them their emails.

I have 2 more hand embroidered designs by Michelle Ridgway to giveaway.

I will pick another winner September 30th from all comments on my 
blog postings in the month of September.
I'm hoping this will make me post more...
...sorry I know I have been very quiet in blogland.

 My sewing machine has been busy...
working on a few projects with deadlines...
some pictures soon!!

I will draw the last winner October 31st.

till next time and 
happy stitching


Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

Oh what beautiful veggies! When we used to have a garden my dad would say "these will be ready tomorrow" and tomorrow he would find that the deer and rabbits also knew they were ready. He finally had to start picking things one day before he wanted to (absolutely nothing wrong with the veggies a day early) in order to actually get some for us!!

Jeanie said...

Thanks so much, Pauline! I've emailed you with my address. Love your stitching projects!

Also love your line up of beautiful jars! Lots of hard work that you will be able to enjoy throughout the winter.....yum!

Vicki H said...

Everything sure looks yummy..

Lesley said...

Wow! Your gardens produced a lot of scrumptious veggies! They look so good!

Christine M said...

There's nothing better than home grown veggies! The pasta sauce looks very yummy.

Mama Spark said...

Looks great! We put up 21 jars of tomatoes the night before we left for our vacation. I love having them but it sure was a lot of work!

sandra said...

Hmm yummy looking tomatoes, I really miss having a garden and doing the tomatoes down for sauces etc.

Vickie said...

Good lookin' produce. My husband was disabled at 47 and has found himself in a whole new world. The garden and canning this year has really helped him. I can see how your husband has enjoyed his time helping with chores.

Michelle said...

What an amazing crop of tomatoes! The canned tomatoes look beautiful-would look great sitting on a shelf!

Karen said...

Hi Pauline. It's great to see what you have been up to. The produce from your garden is amazing. Tell hubby he is a great gardener with a crop like that. That's a huge task making all the sauce and relish, but well worth it when it is made from your own garden.
Maybe planting peppers all around the other plants is a good way to stop the critters eating all the other veggies?
Good to know you are still sewing.
I understand you being away from the computer in Summer because there is so much to do and enjoy outside. You have to make the most of it when you know what Winter will bring.
Congrats to the lucky winners, too.

QuiltSue said...

Oh don't those tomatoes look just wonderful. They really shout "summer" to me.

Cloud 9 said...

My tomatoes have gone crazy this summer too. Probably helps that my garden this year is at a girl friend's home on former farm land. I froze pizza sauce, been feeding the family huge bowls of salsa and spaghetti, plus drying tomatoes in the dehydrator. I'm thinking I will freeze some too. Someday when I don't work full time I will learn how to can. Please tell me what is the hamburger relish you make?

Nicole said...

I'm super impressed with your tags on the pepper's showing the teeth marks, and of course all the hard work both of you put into your garden this year.


Judy1522 said...

You make me sorry I didn't plant a garden this year. We have had some of the best weather ever and I know all the fruit trees have had an abundance of fruit.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Would you share your hamburger relish recipe? blessings, marlene

Angelia Lanouette said...

Oh...those tomatoes look so good! There is nothing like a fresh garden tomato or cucumber. The teeth marks are so funny! I have tried so many times to grow my own tomatoes but can't seem to get it right....guess I don't have a green thumb. anglanouette at gmail dot com

Christa Hitchcock said...

Yummy pictures.....and veggies! There is nothing like a fresh, out-of-your-garden tomato!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looks like lots of yummy stuff you got to can. I haven't a clue how to can. Didn't even have a garden this year, either. Not enough time to plant one. Have fun stitching!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of tomatoes and congrats to the winners.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

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