Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some finishes for the week and an almost finish...

This framed 9 patch just needs the binding stitched down.
I've made a two sided binding and 
it will be another donation quilt.
All the prints are florals.
 We took a quick trip to Canada last Saturday and returned Monday evening.
Our youngest Granddaughter turned 6...
and there was a surprise birthday party for her.
She is the sweetie with the flower in her hair and the big smile.
Today our oldest Granddaughter turns 11...
she is the sweetie in the bottom right corner. 
Photo: Girls get crafty
The time, when, visiting the grandones always goes too fast...
they always try to get us to stay for one more sleepover.
While travelling to Canada, about 4 hours each way,
I am stitching or knitting...
and resting my eyes occasionally.
This trip I knit 2 scarves for Mamaspark... is an easy project to knit in the car while travelling.
I had 4 Tammy bags that needed the purse frames sewn on...
I stitched one of them in the car.
So far I've made 3 of the aqua and pink
2 with the breast cancer the daisies
2 with the cat and mouse fabric...they are sEw cute!
In total I've completed 10...luv these bags.

Wednesday DH and I made another batch of pasta sauce...
a smaller batch and probably the best batch this year.
Each batch tastes different....there is no real recipe.
There are lots of tomates, red ones and yellows in this batch
onions, a large zucchini, celery, sweet orange peppers,
garlic, a hot pepper, fresh parsley and basil
salt, fresh ground black pepper and a little sugar.

We taste it many times before we think it is 'delicious'... simmers at least 4 hours and usually much longer.

and after... 
 I also made a pot of cream of broccoli soup...yummy!!
This was lunch on Wednesday and it was sEw good...delicious!!
Toasted BLT's and cream of broccoli soup
with cheese and croutons.

just a few more days for the giveaway...see previous posts

I'm linking up with crazy mom quilts 'Finish it up Friday'.

till next time
happy stitching


Taryn said...

I like your quilt - but am also very impressed with your pasta sauce! Well done!

Karen said...

Yummy on both accounts! said...

Wow I keep seeing pasta sauce, which I was at a total loss on how to make. I think I am going to have to try some of the ones next year. Beautiful quilt, and love the bags.

Barb said...

Haven't had breakfast yet, so your food photos are making me head to the kitchen! Yum, yum, yum. Love your donation quilt - lovely!

Valerie Reynolds said...

DO you sell your tammy bags? I'm in love with the black polka dot with yellow ladybugs. Make a great travel sewing bag! Drop me an email:

Thearica said...

Yummy looking soup and pasta sauce! Care to share your recipes?

suemac said...

I love how double-sided binding looks but it is very tedious to make.

Judith Blinkenberg said...

I really like this 9-patch quilt!! I am going to save this for future reference. I guess I can make it any size I want. I love it!!

Mama Spark said...

I am hoping to get to do some sewing someday again! Love the bags!! Thanks for knitting those scarves. Kelsey and I will enjoy wearing them. You are the BEST!! Call you soon, XOXO

LesQuilts said...

Hi! I love those Tammy bags too, where do you get your frames?
I bought some thru the Bag
Lady, but expensive to ship to Canada.
Thx, Leslie

Karen said...

It is amazing to see what you can squeeze into just a few days. The 9 patch looks lovely - such warm colours! o pleased you caught up with the grand children. They are growing up very quickly.
The scarves look lovely. I have had great use of mine over our Winter just gone. Thank you.
And of course more of those beautiful bags. Wow!
More bottling - there can't be much left in your garden now?

Christa Hitchcock said...

Time with the grandkids is never enough. My kids and grandkids just all left.....a wonderful weekend! My house is a bit small for seven adults, two grandkids, two dogs (I won't call them granddogs) and the cat, but we made it through.

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