Thursday, April 17, 2014

Superpower Stitching blog hop Day 5

Cross stitching is not one of my superpowers...
infact...I've never cross stitched
but I do like cross stitched projects.

I found these 2 cross stitched pictures in a gift shop
when we lived in Tennessee 11 years ago.
the stitching was already done...
yes...stitched and framed.
They were samples in the shop and they were selling them
 for a 'steal'...both for less than $100.00.
I can't imagine the hours it took to stitch them...
I just knew I was one happy Teddy Bear Collector!!

Now let's see what the superpower reveals for today are...

for Kathy, Marcy, Linda, Val, Cindy and Lynn
...lets make their hearts sing.
Mme Samm has a Pinterest board for each of the blog hops...
be sure to check them much inspiration!!!

You can find the full schedule HERE.

Thank you to DMC Threads for sponsoring the 
What is your Superpower? stitching blog hop

Happy stitching


Karen said...

They are gorgeous teddies. A great find!!

Shari said...

Wow! Lovely stitcheries...certainly a lot of time spent on such a labour of love. Great find!

Mdm Samm said...

oh yes by golly you have amazing superpowers with that needle and thread lol

MooseStashQuilting said...

I remember seeing those patterns, and thinking how much I would love them, and how little chance I would have at actually finishing em! LOL!! They are gorgeous!

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