Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 4 of the superpower blog hop...Mother Nature has superpowers too!!

She can make it snow in April

It is official...the snowiest winter in Michigan...since the late 1800's.
To break the record 
we needed 1.9" of snow and last night we got 3.1" 
of that white stuff!!!!
Can  you see the buds on the red maple tree?  
They opened on Sunday when it was 81F.
Tonight it is going down to 24F...
We had light snow flurries during the day...and freezing temps..., we still have snow!

Now lets see what superpowers are revealed today...
this 'Superpower' blog hop? is super fun!!


Please join me and lets leave a sweet comment 
for Kris, Kylie,Shirlee, Amy, Lixie and Mariam
...lets make their hearts sing.
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Happy stitching


Amy said...

Yes, she does have some SUPER powers. She did the same thing to us day before yesterday, but it is now all melted away. Thanks for being a Super Cheerleader!

krislovesfabric said...

Yep, we are definitely tired of snow and around here in northern Indiana, we can't even claim a record...still had plenty...and I am ready for spring! Thanks for your sweet cheering this has been great fun :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We are now only 3 tenths of an inch from being in 2nd place ever. I'm waiving BOTH hands.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... true and very nice! said...

Yes mother nature has super powers,but right about now I am thinking she is bipolar.

Karen said...

You can see I am still catching up! I am stunned that you have had that much snow! I hope someone has the super powers to melt it fast.

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