Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowering trees and a good sewing weekend...

We had a cold night Sunday night but no frost.  
The trees still look great but
tonight the temperature is to go down to 24F
and they are calling it a killer freeze not a damaging frost.
I've covered my rhubarb plants...they have grown so much in the last week!
I planted 4 rhubarb plants 2 years ago, only 2 came back last year
and this year I still  have 2.....
I did manage to get some sewing done this weekend.  
I finished stitching the last block of Bird Brain Designs.
Love Me, My Cat Redwork Quilt 

Picture of Love Me, My Cat RedWork Quilt 

here is block #8
BB Luv My Cats8
I finished hand stitching the last Dredsen Plate to the background fabric.
Now I have to trim the blocks and start the sashing and corner stones.
I would really like to get the blocks put together this week....wish me luck..:o)
Dresden Plate 
Sorry to say...I have not put the borders on my purple log cabin quilt ...yet!!
Still trying to decide on the borders.
I did manage to make the binding for 3 quilts
and stitch them to the quilt tops
2 of the quilts have the binding hand stitched down...yippee!!
1 to go and I'll have 3 quilts finished....
2 of them are UFO's..5 or 6 years old and
the 3rd one is a quilt I started in November.
I'll have pictures on my next post...

I think I had a very good sewing weekend.
hugs and happy stitching...


Barbara said...

I have that redwork on my to do list. Yours is very cute.

Karen said...

The trees do loo so pretty. I love that part of Spring. And of course seeing your pictures makes me realise that Winter is just around the corner for us.
The redwork looks great and I am looking forward to seeing all the Dresden blocks together.
I am impressed with all the quilt binding that is going on at your place!!

Lesley said...

Love your quilt and your redwork is superb!

Nicole said...

I can't believe how much the trees have blossomed since we were there last. Glad to hear you got some quilting done.

BonnieGay said...

Your trees are gorgeous,our leaves are budding but no flowers and my rhubarb is just barely poking thru. March is going out like a lion with snow or freezing rain forecast for tonight.

rubyslipperz said...

When, I saw your stitchery...I said (out loud) to myself...O! SEW cute! The cute kitties put a real smile on my face.

I LUV your dresden plate too!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Pauline your trees are stunning! We have two Bradford Pears (is that what yours are?) and last year one of them split on a windy day and landed right on top of Jerry's truck. :( The half that is still there bloomed beautifully this year but it's leaning so badly that it's going to have to come down. The redwork is so cute! I have a friend who loves cats so I'm going to send her the link. I don't think she's got that pattern but she might - she has a lot of cats! blessings, marlene

Mama Spark said...

Greeat stitcheries! Good job on the binding!

Createology said...

Your red work cats quilt is precious. I also really like your plate quilt. Sensational sewing...

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