Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plans Changed

I'm back but haven't had a second lesson yet soooooooo there are still no pictures.  Not sure if I remember how to do this.

Last week was busy.   On Fri. July 16th my granddaughter, Leah, arrived from Canada to spend a week with us.  She is 7 almost 8 and growing up too fast.  We shopped, we sewed, we shopped again, we did our nails, she played with our neighbours daughter, we went to the water park.........shopped again, went to the movies, we went to LTW's farm.......she loved it.  Thank you LTW and Becky , you are awesome.  Our original plans were to take her back to Canada on the 23rd .............. she wanted to stay until Sunday.  My DH has meetings in Toronto this week and wasn't sure how long they would last......he said it could be Wed., Thurs. even Friday before they wrap up.  So at the last minute I decided to stay home as I had to finish binding a king size quilt by Wednesday.  I still have to sew down the hanging sleeve.  It will be hanging at the GAAQG quilt show at the end of the month.  It is a raffle quilt to be drawn in November.  So it was only DH who took Leah back to Canada, he spent the night at our DS2 and DDIL's and continued to Toronto Monday morning. 

I'm hoping to get a few quilting projects and some cleaning done while DH is in Toronto.  I called my friend Pam (TAP) around 4 pm on Sunday to tell her my plans had changed and I didn't go to Canada.  She said  "I'm going back to the farm after I drop DH and DD1 off at home.   I'll pick you up.  We can play."  She had been at the farm Saturday and again on Sunday quilting her first quilt on LTW's Statler.   It was around 5 o'clock the red Mustang convertible........with the top down pulls in the driveway.  Remember the movie Thelma and Louise, well, in the car is Thelma and in jumps Louise (an older Thelma and Louise from the original movie).  With the engine reeving, we are off to play on the Statler.  TAP ........aka Thelma.........says we'll get LTW to take our picture when we get to the farm.  Well.... we forgot and it was dark.......10:15 pm when we left for home so there is no picture.  I watched TAP work the Statler........it is an amazing machine and she did a fabulous job quilting .  She has pictures.  After watching Pam quilt for a while I finished binding her 2nd chenille quilt and then I started cutting tumbling blocks with LTW's Accuquilt.  That too is a cool toy.  The tumbling blocks were for LTW's parents to piece.  It was a fun time and it always is with TAP.

Don't give up on me yet.  Still haven't got the blogging knack.  TAP says it will get better. 



Crispy said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful week. Pictures are easy, but it will be easier for Pam to explain it to you. I look forward to seeing pictures of you projects :o)


Mama Spark said...

OK Louise. You could have left that "older version" crack out! LOL.

I had a fun day. Can't wait for another "play date".


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